List of Edible Flowers for Cakes

Edible Flowers for Cakes
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They look gorgeous, a feast to the eyes. You can’t help but wonder if they would taste delicious but are these edible flowers for cakes?

This is just one question people ask when they are faced with a cake decorated with natural flowers that look mouthwatering. But then, most people control their cravings for fear of ingesting a substance that may not agree with them.

Keep reading because they are indeed certain natural flowers that can be used on cakes that are edible. 

Using flowers to beautify the cake is an excellent way of decorating a cake, especially when one is not a fan of frosting.

Because flowers give a natural and classy beauty to cakes that draw people’s attention, they can be used directly to style the cake or as a prop on the cake board.

The question that behooves us then is the kind of flowers to use. Using these natural flowers sometimes gives the cake an earthy feel and a distinct aroma and taste.

There are so many beautiful flowers out there, but unfortunately, not all of them can be used in cake decoration because some are not edible.

Some are poisonous, and using a toxic flower will be a terrible mistake. This article will explore a list of edible flowers for cakes.

Before we proceed, we should consider some safety measures in using edible flowers for cakes.

Safety Measures in Using Edible Flowers for Cakes

The first safety measure is considering whether the flowers are cultivated explicitly for consumption. The truth is that some flowers, especially those from floral stores and garden centers, are often sprayed with pesticides.

Hence it is healthy that one should watch out for flowers that are labeled as organic, edible, or food grade. Better still, always state your purpose for buying them, whether in person or online, to avoid confusion and mistakes.

Another thing to consider when using edible flowers for cakes is flavor. Pay close attention to whatever flower flavor you intend to use and consider if the person or those consuming the flowers have pollen allergies.

With that in mind, let’s take a ride to flower town and examine some edible flowers out there that can be used in cake decorations.

Types of Edible Flowers for Cakes

1. Borage

Borage is a flower well known for its aesthetics and medicinal use. The leaves and oil obtained from the seed are used for medicine. They can be used for decorating cakes, and they are edible.

The flower has a signature blue color, although they sometimes come in a pink and white variety.

When garnished on light color fondant, the purplish-blue color of the borage pops out and looks like mini stars on the cake, no wonder they are often referred to as Star Flowers.

Taste-wise, it is pleasant. The flavor of this flower is likened to that of a cucumber.

2. Roses

You see them sturdy, and beautiful, exhibiting a perfume-like scent, looking so lovely in the garden. Well, they look gorgeous on cakes, too, and are edible.

Yes, roses are examples of edible flowers for cakes. They make an attractive design on the cake. Their sturdy frames give the decorator many options regarding how they can be aligned in the cake.

Roses have been used in culinary arts for centuries and on cakes for various celebrations. Although they have a mild sweet floral flavor, the taste can sometimes be intense and perfumed, depending on the variety of roses. The botanical name is rosa.

3. Carnation

These flowers are botanically known as Dianthus. Carnations are edible flowers for cakes. The flowers have been in culinary arts for a very long time, too, just like the rose flower, as far back as the 17th century.

It was part of the ingredients used in making Chartreuse at that time. Chartreuse is a French liqueur. The flowers give the cake an elegant and classic look as they mostly come in shades of red.

The petals of carnations have an esoteric sweet flavor that is slightly spicy, while the base is somewhat bitter.

4. Impatiens

Impatiens is also an edible flower that can be used in cake decoration. They are botanically known as Impatiens walleriana.

The flowers are delicate and, as a result, must be handled with optimum care to obtain optimum results. The flowers are a stunning sight on cakes because they come in various colors too. They also taste nice, with a mild flavor.

5. Pansy

Pansies are considered popular among edible flowers for cakes. Their popularity is drawn from the fact that the flowers are considered beautiful because they come in various colors.

They are not just beautiful to behold but also look fabulous when used to decorate cakes. Here, the petals of pansies can be distributed around the cake, or they could be used whole. In terms of taste, pansies have mild flavors like lettuce and a subtle minty taste.

6. Marigold

Another edible flower that can be used to decorate cakes is the Marigold. The flowers are gorgeous and look stunning on cakes. They also come in different colors and varieties.

They have a subtle spicy taste and citrusy flavor. Marigold petals can be sprinkled over baked goods, making a fabulous feast for the eyes.

7. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is considered quite popular in the world of edible flowers for cakes. The petals of hibiscus look attractive and have a sour mild citrus flavor.

Hibiscus flowers are usually used in medicine, culinary arts, and aesthetics. Because of the exotic feeling these flowers evoke, they look amazing when used to decorate cakes.

As they draw you in with your eyes, you could also stop and taste them with your mouth. Hibiscus is slightly sweet and tastes like a berry. They also come in various colors and species.

8. Dahlias

Dahlias are also another edible flower used to decorate cakes. The flowers also come in various shapes, flavors, and colors and last a long time.

They are botanically known as dahlia pinnata and are considered a sunflower relative. They produce tubers that look like potatoes which are heavily consumed.

Dahlias give a stunning statement when used in cake decoration. The flowers taste like spicy apples mixed in chestnut water with a slight carrot flavor.

9. Nasturtiums

When you talk about flowers grown not just for ornaments alone but also for food, nasturtiums come to mind. Nasturtiums are botanically known as Tropaeolum.

The flowers are commonly produced to be eaten. They come in various shades and are a beautiful sight to behold.

On cakes, they look graceful and serve as a handy decorative piece. The flowers are full of vitamin C and have a distinctive peppery flavor like marigold flowers.

10. Begonias

Begonias are botanically known as Begonia tuberhybrida. Begonia flowers are beautiful and come in shades of peach, orange, yellow, and cream.

The flower has a mild sour citrusy flavor like lemon. When used to decorate cakes, they look dashing and taste delicious too. The petals are fleshy in texture and crispy in the mouth. No wonder they are used as edible flowers for cakes.

Because of its sharp and sour taste, similar to a cooking apple, some erroneously refer to the begonias flower as apple blossom. 

11. Lilacs

Lilacs are also edible flowers for cakes, considered beautiful and delicate. They are Botanically known as Syringa vulgaris. Lilacs also come in shades ranging from blue and purple to pale pink.

They make lovely garnish toppings on cakes. Lilacs are known for their fragrance; hence, even the flavor is intense. It’s aromatic and just like begonias; lilac tastes like lemon, although they have a mildly bitter flavor.

12. Fuchsia

Fuchsias are often used to decorate cakes. The flowers don’t just look beautiful but are also sweet and crunchy.

On cakes, they look gorgeous, and the berries on some varieties of these stunning flowers are edible. The flowers also come in different hues ranging from pink, purple, and deep rose.

13. Bachelor Button

Bachelor buttons are edible flowers for cakes that give an exotic look to the cake they are used on. They are botanically known as Centaurea cyanus.

Its signature color: pale pink, hot pink, and brilliant blue fringed blossoms, looks remarkable on cakes and like mini pom-poms. The flowers have a subtle sweet-spicy taste with a mild hint of cucumber flavor.

14. Peony

Peonies are edible flowers for cakes too, and they look stunning with enormous petals. Its petals serve as good food and are often used in teas, salads, and cakes. Peony flowers are light-colored and attractive, making a lovely decorative cake piece.

The Botanical name is Paeonia. The flavor of the peony flower is likened to peach or strawberry. Yummy, I tell you.


So far, we have seen that using edible flowers for cakes makes a great decorative piece. These flowers have unique attributes.

Some are like herbs and have been used in medicine for centuries. Some of these flowers have intense flavors, while some do not.

Nevertheless, they all serve as a great feast for the eyes and mouth. No matter the choice of edible flower you decide to use in decorating your cake, always remember to use flowers that are labeled food grade or organically safe.

Also, consider the flavor and pollen factors. Here, think about the taste that appeals to the final consumer(s). One should also consider the pollen factor because some people are allergic to pollen.

Now that you know some edible flowers for cakes, give your cake that earthy natural look you want.

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