49 Drinks That Start With Z

Drinks That Start With Z

We all know that one letter can make or break a word. And sometimes, you want to see what happens when you add or subtract letters from some of our favorite beverages.

Now, that aside, this guide will take us through some of the delicious drinks that start with Z.

Whether you’re just looking to mix things up or trying to see what all the buzz is about, these drinks that start with Z will tingle your taste buds and leave you craving more.

1. Zima

The first on the list of drinks that start with Z is Zima. It was an alcoholic beverage introduced by Coors in the late 1990s.

The drink, which has a citrus flavor, was intended to appeal to younger drinkers. However, after only three years on the market and sales of 2 million cases per year, it was discontinued in the U.S. in 2003. This was when it failed to gain popularity among beer drinkers.

2. Zola

The second treat on this list of delicious drinks that starts with Z is the Zola. This is a French fruit soda that has been made since 1932 by Aldi Nord under its Kaliber brand name. It is available at stores across France and exported abroad from Belgium, Canada and Luxembourg.

3. Zu and Tonic

Coming in third on our list of the various drinks that start with Z is the Zu and Tonic. It’s made with gin, tonic water, and lime juice.

The drink has a sweet and sour flavor from the citrus of the lime juice, combined with the sharpness of the tonic water. 

Typically, it is served over ice in a highball or tall glass. If you’re not a gin fan, you can substitute vodka for the gin to make it a vodka tonic.

4. Zacapa Rum and Grapefruit Juice

Drinks that start with Z include Zacapa Rum and Grapefruit Juice. This is another popular drink that starts with z. 

It is simply made with Zacapa Rum (a favorite among bartenders) and grapefruit juice. This gives it a refreshing flavor, perfect for sipping on summer days by the pool.

5. Zu Iced Tea

Next on our list of drinks that start with Z is the Zu iced tea. Zu iced tea is made with black tea leaves and water. The leaves are steeped in hot water for a few minutes before being added to cold water and poured over ice. 

From there, it can be garnished with lemon or lime wedges, mint leaves, or sugar to make it sweetened. This drink originated in Japan, where it was primarily served as a soft drink at restaurants.

It has since become popular worldwide and is now even used in cocktails like the Zombie cocktail.

6. Zudriver

The zudriver is a refreshing drink that starts with Z. It is made from vodka, apple juice, lemon juice, and ginger ale. The zudriver is a popular drink because it has an interesting flavor combination. 

Moving on, the zudriver can be enjoyed any time of year because it has the right balance of sweet and sour flavors in the cocktail.

This drink is also served as an appetizer when people are at home for dinner. This cocktail can be a good substitute for wine when people want to change their drinking habits. Or perhaps when they are trying to watch their consumption of alcohol.

7. Zulu Warrior

What is a Zulu Warrior, you may ask? Well, this drink is perfect for any night of the week. It’s made with tequila, pineapple juice, and grenadine. 

Moreso, the three ingredients are combined in a shaker with ice and served on the rocks. Garnish with pineapple wedges, and enjoy!

This is one of the drinks that start with Z that you may have to consider when planning a night out with friends!

8. Zombie

Who knew that such an enticing name would make such a tasty drink?! The Zombie starts with mixed light, dark rum, passion fruit syrup, and fresh orange juice. 

After it has been shaken over ice, it can be strained into your favorite cocktail glass or served over fresh ice cubes.

As garnishes, use lime slices or sprigs of mint to create an ambiance like no other. Of all the drinks that start with Z, trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this mind-blowing one!

9. Zu Runner

This isn’t missing on our list of the different drinks that start with Z. Making it is super easy and simple. Just follow these steps: To make a pitcher, start by filling up a pitcher with filtered water. 

Next, squeeze the juice packet over the top of the water until the entire package has been squeezed into it.

Then, stir it to ensure that all of the juice is mixed in with the water before pouring it into cups or serving it over ice. Serve cold for best results!

10. Za Za

Za Za is a juice made from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus. The fruit is harvested, peeled, and then crushed to extract its juices. 

Then, this juice is mixed with sugar and water before it’s bottled. Often, it is served on ice and has a sweet citrusy flavor. Looking forward to having at least one of the drinks that start with Z this weekend. Start with Za za!

11. Zam Zam

Zam Zam is one of the oldest drinks that start with Z in the world. It was brought to India by traders who traveled overland across Asia.

Traditionally, it was just plain old grape juice that came in glass bottles which have now been replaced by plastic.

12. Zona Sul

This Brazilian iced tea is made from the leaves of yerba mate, which are grown in the country’s southeast region. The tea is often served as a traditional accompaniment to barbecue dishes. 

Also, Zona Sul, a drink that starts with Z, is popularly sipped before breakfast and throughout the day, with a pronounced energizing effect. One of Brazil’s most common exports is in North American supermarkets and other countries worldwide.

13. Zombie 1575

Zombie 1575 is a mixed drink made with amaretto, apricot brandy, orange juice, and pineapple juice. The drink is mixed with grenadine and iced coffee.

The Zombie 1575 was created in 1975 by Donato Duke Antone, who ran a restaurant in Key West. It is one of the best-known drinks starting with Z from the Florida Keys. 

While some recipes may add ginger beer, it is not considered authentic for a zombie cocktail. Instead, it is often served as a frozen slushie and can also be enjoyed as an ice cream float. Or preferably blended into other drinks such as milkshakes.

14. Zesty Lime Cooler

Do you want a combo of deliciousness and nourishment from the list of drinks that start with Z? Then, here’s Zesty Lime Cooler for you!

This drink is perfect for any time of the year. The refreshing lime and sweetened condensed milk give you an extra zing. 

Plus, it’s only two ingredients and super easy to make! All you need is frozen limeade concentrate, sweetened condensed milk, water, and some ice cubes.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender until they’re smooth. Pour into glasses with ice cubes and enjoy!

15. Zadarade

Zadarade is a citrus drink that has been around for centuries and is especially popular in the Middle Eastern region. It’s made by boiling lemon, sugar, and water until the sugar dissolves. A spoonful of olive oil is then added to create a frothy top. 

Additionally, this drink brings a refreshing balance to spicy dishes and can also be served as an appetizer with some pita bread or crackers. Like some drinks that start with Z, it’s easy to make at home so that you can enjoy it anytime!

16. Zambeer

Zambeer is a refreshing and sour beverage that will quench your thirst on a hot day. It ferments the zambian yeast with water, sugar, and malted barley.

Zambeer has been around for centuries in Zambia because it has been used as an alternative to beer. Especially during times of drought when there wasn’t enough water to brew beer. 

Further, the Zambian people quickly realized that the fermentation process from beer could be applied to Zambeer, and thus, it was born! Today, Zambeer is enjoyed all across Africa, where it is commonly sold in bars or markets.

Zambeer can be served cold or at room temperature, but the best way to enjoy this drink would be chilled with ice cubes.

17. Zenmeister

Zenmeister is a zippy and zesty drink that tastes like freshly squeezed lemonade. It’s the perfect drink to quench your thirst on a hot summer day and tastes great mixed with vodka. Zenmeister contains only five ingredients: water, sugar, lemons, citric acid, and salt. 

The nice thing about this recipe is that it’s not too sweet and has no artificial flavors or colors like some store-bought lemonades.

So, next time you’re out on the town, instead of ordering a watered-down glass of tap water – go for Zenmeister instead!

Though you might be tempted to grab a grapefruit soda or another fruity cocktail at the bar, remember that drinks that start with Z, like the  Zenmeister, are better!

18. Zhivago’s Revenge

Zhivago’s Revenge is named after a scene from the film Doctor Zhivago, where the protagonist and his friends are drinking vodka shots with zander fish eggs. This drink can be made at home by adding a few drops of Tabasco sauce to a shot of vodka. 

The spicy sauce will make your mouth tingle and give you an extra boost of heat that will leave you feeling refreshed.

If you are a lover of spicy foods, this particular one of the drinks that start with Z is for you! Buh, if otherwise, this drink may not be for you. 

19. Zico

Speaking of the varieties of drinks that start with Z, Zico is a low-calorie, zero-sugar coconut water. The natural juice is sourced from young coconuts on the island of Java in Indonesia and then filtered to remove any impurities or bacteria.

It has no artificial ingredients or sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup, so it’s great for people with food sensitivities and diabetes.

Another interesting fact: the cans are made of biodegradable paperboard, which means they’re eco-friendly too!

Zico is available in six different fruit flavors: Coconut Water (original), Passion Fruit, Mango, Orange Peach, Strawberry Acai, and Pineapple. We recommend trying them all!

20. Ziemes Martini Apfelsaft

Ziemes is a fresh and fruity cocktail that’s perfect for any occasion, with a hint of apple cider. It’s the perfect drink to start your day off right or enjoy as an evening snack. All you need to make it is vodka, apple cider, and lemon juice!

The procedure to make this liquid refreshment on the list of drinks that start with Z is as follows:

  • Start by filling a shaker with ice cubes 
  • Pour in vodka 
  • Add lemon juice 
  • Add apple cider 
  • Shake for 30 seconds, then strain into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice. 
  • Garnish with a twist of lemon peel.

21. Zima Blaster

Zima Blaster is a drink that starts with Z, and it tastes like fruity, citrusy goodness. To make a Zima Blaster, you will need the following ingredients: vodka, lemon juice, and cranberry juice. 

Combine all of these ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Then, shake it up and pour it into your favorite cocktail glass!

22. Zimadori Zinger

Zimadori Zinger is a refreshing, iced tea-based beverage that tastes good and is also packed with health benefits. First, the drink is infused with zesty ginger and lemon flavors, both known to be immune-boosting agents. 

Secondly, the drink is chock full of antioxidants which can improve your cardiovascular health by lowering your risk of heart disease.

Finally, in general, iced tea has been shown to reduce your chances of getting diabetes and kidney stones. All in all, it’s no wonder why this drink is one of our favorite drinks that start with Z!

23. Zimamazing

Zimamazing, on our roll of drinks that start with Z, tastes like hibiscus tea but contains ginger and rosemary. The herbal flavors offer an alternative to the usual lemonade or iced tea while still being refreshing.

That being said, Zimamazing is available in three different sizes: 4oz, 16oz, and 32oz. The 4oz size is perfect for those who want to try it out for the first time or are unsure how much they’ll like it.

The 16oz size is perfect for one person who would rather share their zimamazing with someone else instead of drinking it all themselves.

24. Zimaretto

Zimaretto is a liqueur that starts with Z and has a flavor similar to the popular Italian liqueur Amaretto. Similar to its cousin, this drink also contains almonds and apricots. This drink is sweeter than amaretto, with a nice almond flavor. 

Furthermore, Zimaretto can be found at your local liquor store, or you can even try making it yourself! Here’s how: Take brandy, apricot brandy, orange liqueur (or triple sec), almond extract, and honey.

The procedure: Combine all ingredients in a large jar with a lid and shake well. Next, put in the freezer for 2 hours before serving over ice cubes.

25. Zimartini

We are still on the list of drinks that start with Z. One of them is Zimartini, a fruity and refreshing cocktail that will tingle your taste buds. 

You need some berries, a lemon, and your favorite vodka to make this drink. Simply blend the ingredients and add some ice. If you want to make it extra sweet, add honey or agave nectar to the mix!

26. Zinger

A zinger, a drink that starts with Z, is a refreshing cocktail that includes lime, ginger beer, and gin. The drink is super easy to make, taking just minutes from start to finish, and can be scaled up or down for a crowd.

The key ingredient in this drink is ginger beer. This slightly sweet flavor balances out the sourness of the lime juice and the dryness of the gin. 

Moreover, you can find ginger beer at most grocery stores nowadays, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try making your own.

You can do this by boiling water, grating some fresh ginger, and then adding sugar until it tastes right. When pouring everything together, don’t forget to squeeze in some fresh lime juice.

While this is unnecessary, it definitely helps make this tasty beverage even more flavorful!

27. Zipper

The zipper is a citrusy drink that tastes like orange and grapefruit. The drink comes with vodka, passion fruit, grapefruit juice, and agave syrup.

It’s the perfect drink to sip on while you’re relaxing at the beach or just chilling at home with your friends.

Besides, Zipper’s light flavor makes it easy to match this drink with any dish, so feel free to experiment with your food choices.

Pairing Zipper with sushi, for example, can be a delicious experience because of its citrusy kick. Also, the fish’s salty flavor will complement each other nicely! Not wowed by these drinks that start with Z yet? Read further!

28. Zipperhead

Get ready for a refreshing take on a classic drink! If you’re thinking of drinks that start with Z, think deeper! As said at the beginning of this blog post, we’re going to discuss drinks that start with Z. Well, we are, and one of them is the zipperhead. 

The zipperhead is a twist on the classic sidecar cocktail, and it’s made from cognac and cassis liqueur with lemon juice and sugar syrup.

The name comes from a zipper’s head, which is pretty descriptive of how this drink looks in your glass. It’s served up straight in a martini glass and garnished with an orange slice.

29. Zippy’s Revenge

Of the drinks that start with Z, Zippy’s Revenge is a cocktail that makes you forget the last day’s worries. It mixes tequila, lemon juice, Cointreau, and cranberry juice. 

The juiciness and sweetness of this drink will surely make your taste buds tingle. We just don’t want you to take out word for it. Try it and confirm for yourself! 

30. Zizi Coin Coin

Lemonade is a drink that many people enjoy, but lemonade made with Zizi coins is a whole new experience.

You can get the zizi coins either online or in some specialty stores. The ingredients you need to make this are: sugar, water, lemons (juiced), and vanilla extract. 

To make: First, put the sugar and water in a pot and bring to a boil for about 3 minutes. Next, cool the mixture, then add it to your blender along with the other ingredients. 

Afterward, put everything in your blender, blend on high until well blended, and pour into glasses. Finally, sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top if desired, and enjoy! This is one of the drinks starting with Z, which gives you maximum refreshment!

31. Zocolo

Zocolo is a high-quality Latin American beverage that offers a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary sodas.

Made from pure cane sugar and natural flavors, this drink is as good for you as it is tasty. With over 40 recipes to choose from, there’s something for everyone in the family. 

One of our favorites is the Zocolo Mojito! A refreshing mix of lime, mint leaves and white rum with a hint of sugar cane extract will have your taste buds tingling in delight.

Head to our website now to learn more about these refreshing drinks that start with Z!

32. Zapata

The Zapata Mexican Restaurant has a menu filled with delicious food and drinks, but we’re going to focus on the drinks. The best part is that they are drinks that start with Z! 

Zapata has something for everyone, from their signature margarita (served in various flavors) to their tangy sangria made from Mexican fruits.

Also, they have some fun beverages like Jarritos popsicles and horchata slushies which are perfect for beating the summer heat. We’ll definitely be stopping by this restaurant again soon!

33. Zed

Drinks that start with Z? Zed is one! Zed is a type of liquor that is distilled from sugar cane or molasses.

Zed is mainly consumed in the Caribbean, specifically Trinidad and Tobago, as well as in other parts of the world. This drink has a sweet flavor and a high alcohol content, usually at least 40 proof. 

Meanwhile, the word Zed originates from the word Zed which means to kill in French Creole. This name was given to this type of liquor because it was originally used for poisoning someone’s enemy with its high alcohol content.

Though zed is often consumed neat, it can also be mixed with other types of drinks to create cocktails. An example is the Ti’ Punch which consists of rum, lime juice, and cane syrup.

34. Zorro

Zorro is one of the popular drinks that start with Z, and it’s made with tequila, lime juice, Triple Sec, and iced tea. This drink has a sweet and sour taste, making your taste buds tingle.

The word zorro has Spanish origins and may have been derived from the word for a fox, which is zorro. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where this drink originated from.

One theory claims that it was created in Mexico. Another theory says that it may have been first served at a bar in Napa Valley called Rancho La Puerta.

Although no one knows for sure, enough drinks are served with this name to suggest that it must be good. 

Some people might think this drink is sweet, but there are many variations of Zorro. Examples include the hard apple cider or limeade versions, which balance out the sweetness even more.

35. Zultry Zoe

This is perfect for those who want a refreshing drink with a little kick to it. This drink includes lime juice, water, iced tea mix, lemon-lime soda (or Sprite), and rum.

Going further, the recipe starts by squeezing the limes into the glass and then adding ice cubes. Next, add the lime juice, followed by the water, tea mix, Sprite, or lemon-lime soda until you have your desired level of sweetness. Lastly, add in the rum! 

Do you have an outing to plan and decide to use drinks that start with Z but don’t know which one to go for? Well, in everything you do, always know that you can’t go wrong with Zultry Zoe!  

36. Zulu

Originating in Japan, this drink is made from a combination of green tea, barley, and corn. If you feel adventurous, you can also throw in some hibiscus flowers. The Zulu’s earthy taste can be attributed to the large amount of barley used to make it.

Often, the Zulu is served chilled or at room temperature with ice cubes. It has a sweet and earthy flavor that is refreshing and perfect for summertime refreshment.

Plus, the drink’s signature color makes it perfect for any party or gathering! Still, confused about which of the drinks that start with Z to try tonight? Zulu might just be perfect for you!

37. Z Expresssso Martini

Start your morning with a zestful expresssso martini. To make this drink, pour some espresso into the shaker, then add a few ice cubes and shake vigorously. 

Next, pour the espresso into a glass, top it with chilled vodka, and grate some fresh nutmeg on top for added flavor.

This drink is perfect for when you’re in the mood to get up and go! You’ve got absolutely no reason not to try out these drinks that start with Z!

38. Zoksel

As expected, Zoksel is one of the amazing drinks that start with Z! It is a light, refreshing drink that has been enjoyed in Europe for over 200 years.

It is typically served as an iced beverage and flavored with spices or fruit, but it can also be served hot. 

What’s more? The word Zoksel comes from the German word zusammen, meaning to mix. This term was chosen because Zoksel is made by mixing several ingredients to create one beverage.

39. Zoo Station

One of the oldest drinks that start with Z is Zoo Station, a drink from South Africa. It’s made with vodka, grapefruit juice, and lime juice. 

Besides, it may sound like it’s too sweet, but the drinker tastes salt at first, which balances the sweetness. This is a drink for those who want to try something new and different because it’s not your average cocktail.

40. Zool

The zool is a fruity liquor that tastes like the tangy-sweet blend of your favorite fruit punch. The name comes from a type of apple called the zool, combined with vodka, pineapple juice, and grenadine.

This drink is perfect for someone who loves sweet drinks but likes to mix them up now and then. Additionally, the zoozie is a tropical cocktail that was created as an alternative to the piña colada.

While this cocktail’s base ingredients are similar to those in the piña colada, they are blended with passionfruit juice instead of coconut cream and pineapple juice. In addition, there’s also some light cream and vanilla extract added for extra flavor.

41. Zoot

Zoot is a drink that starts with the letter z. If you want a drink to start your day off, this is one to try. It has apple and mint flavors, which gives it a sweet and refreshing taste.

Zoot is made with vodka, apple juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and crushed ice. The drink can be garnished with fruit if desired. Not to forget, we are still deciphering the list of the various drinks that start with Z!

42. Zorbatini

The zorbatini is a cocktail that mixes a little bit of everything. It’s made with vodka, rum, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime. The ingredients are shaken together before being served over ice in an old-fashioned glass. 

Above all, it has a sweet and fruity flavor that will make you want to enjoy it all day long. But be careful! Compared with the other drinks that start with Z, this one can be addictive. 

43. Zubrowka Vodka

Zubrowka Vodka is a Polish vodka with a distinctive flavor that leaves you feeling fresh and clean after drinking it. You can order Zubrowka Vodka on the rocks or mixed with cranberry juice.

However, this vodka has a very strong flavor, so it is best first to drink Zubrowka Vodka in small amounts. 

Also, it is worth noting that Zubrowka does not have any sugar added to it, so if you are looking for something sweet, then this vodka might not be for you.

Equally important to note, Zubrowka Vodka was created in the 1800s by an herbalist from Poland. He made healing potions as well as alcoholic beverages.

44. Zeffer Pilsner

Zeffer Pilsner is one of those beers that can almost be best described as a gateway beer for people who are not typically into craft beers.

This light and crisp pilsner have a refreshingly mild bitterness that’s perfect for hot summer days. Unlike some drinks that start with Z, Zeffer Pilsner’s light body makes it easy to drink a few of them. 

If you’re looking for a refreshing brew to quench your thirst, Zeffer Pilsner is the perfect option for you. Zeffer Pilsner was made by Brauerei Rittmayer, which was founded in 1689 in Bavaria.

The brewery’s namesake, Johann Zeffer (John Rider), started his brewing career with an apprenticeship at the family’s brewery before opening his own in 1838.

45. Zumat

Zumat is a popular drink in India and is used as an alternative to alcohol. Now, talking about delectable drinks that start with Z, Zumat is made from the fruit of the palm tree, zumatkarpa. The fruit can be found in many countries in Asia, and there are two ways to prepare it. 

The first method calls for you to peel the zumata and cut it into small pieces before boiling it until the juice has been extracted.

The second method requires peeling, slicing, and grating the zumata before adding water or other liquids to make a paste that can be boiled or baked. After cooking, the mixture is strained through a cloth before being served cold with salt.

46. Zutini

If you are looking for mind-blowing drinks that start with Z, Zutini is up to the task! Zutini is a sparkling wine made from the Zucca grape. It’s a refreshing drink that can be served as an aperitif or after dinner. It has a light, dry taste and is perfect for those hot summer days.

The Zucca grape is found in Italy and gives this wine its unique flavor. In addition to that, Zutini’s bottle is shaped like an egg, and its color scheme of blue and yellow makes it stand out on any table.

This drink pairs well with sweet desserts such as tiramisu or savory foods such as prosciutto-wrapped melon.

47. Zutini Apple

Have you ever thought of Zutini Apple as one of the drinks that start with Z? This drink is perfect for the beginning of fall and will make your taste buds tingle. All you need is an apple, a lemon, and cinnamon sticks. 

To prepare: First, peel the apple and chop it into small pieces, then add it to a pot with water or apple cider. Next, add in the cinnamon sticks if you want to go for the full effect.

After, cook until the apples are soft before adding in your lemon juice and sugar. Lastly, let this simmer for about 20-30 minutes before drinking up!

48. Zurracapote

Known for its distinctive flavor, Zurracapote is a Mexican fruit that has been used for many years in liqueurs and cocktails.

In Mexico, it’s mainly consumed as a syrup to sweeten drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate. But in the United States, it’s often enjoyed as a cocktail ingredient—particularly in one called the Zurracapote Sour. 

Furthermore, the sour is made by combining zurracapote with orange juice, lime juice, sugar syrup, and egg whites.

The drink gets its citrusy sweetness from the zurracapote, which complements the tartness of the lime and orange juice.

As we are about to bring our drink list that starts with Z to an end, we hope you have made a choice already. If not, check the last one; it might be the one for you!

49. Zen Collins

Start your day off with a Zen Collins. This drink has the perfect balance of sweet and tart and will keep you refreshed all day long. 

Also, it’s a great way to use leftover seltzer water from the previous night. Mix the syrup, fruit juice, ice, and seltzer in a tall glass or mason jar, and enjoy! And with Zen Collins, we draw the veil on the list of delicious drinks that start with Z!


Regarding alcohol, drinks that start with Z are rarely on the menu – but they should be! Whether you are sipping on your favorite wine or enjoying a cool cocktail, there are plenty of drinks to choose from.

With summer finally here, what better way to spend an evening than sipping on one of these drinks that start with Z? Cheers!

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