40 Drinks That Start With Y

Drinks That Start With Y

If you’re in the mood to kick back and relax, there’s no better way than with an ice-cold drink. In this article, you’ll find some of the best and most refreshing drinks that start with Y!

From tropical and exotic to classic and traditional, you’ll be able to choose the right beverage that fits your tastes and personality.

So why not enjoy yourself with one of these tasty drinks that start with Y? They are sure to quench your thirst and keep your spirits high! Let’s dive in!

1. Yellow Strawberry

Start with a refreshing, light drink that’s perfect for the summer. The Yellow Strawberry is the first on this list of drinks that start with Y. It is a sweet, fruity cocktail that will ting your taste buds. 

Combining honey water, strawberry purée, and lemon juice is a delicious way to cool down on those hot summer days.

Below are the steps to take:

  • Combine honey in a glass of warm water. Stir until the honey dissolves into the water. 
  • Add ice cubes to another measuring cup or bowl and pour the mixed water over the ice cubes.

2. Yogurt

Yogurts are also very popular drinks that start with Y right now. Yogurt drinks are usually made with probiotic yogurt and fruit juices.

As a result, this makes them a great option for breakfast or an afternoon snack when you’re feeling hungry and want something sweet but healthy.

3. Yogurt Cooler

It’s summer and hot outside, so we’re all craving something cold and refreshing. The Yoghurt Cooler is a popular drink in the Middle East that provides a refreshing taste for those who are looking for some relief from the heat.

Also, it’s a good option for lactose intolerance or vegan. The best part? This recipe takes just five minutes to prepare. 

The procedure to make this one of the drinks that start with Y: Mix the yogurt, ice cubes, sugar or honey, and lemon juice until they reach a smooth consistency. Then, serve in a tall glass with more ice cubes on top.

4. Yogurt and Berry Smoothie

You might know different flavors of amazing treats/drinks that start with Y. Then you should also know that this Yogurt and Berry Smoothie aren’t left out. 

This refreshing smoothie is a fruity and healthy way to start or end the day. This creamy and delicious smoothie is made by blending yogurt, fruit, honey, or natural sweetener (if desired), and ice together until frosty. Voilà! 

5. Young Grasshopper

You might be wondering what drinks that start with Y could be. Well, let me tell you about this amazing one.

It’s called the Young Grasshopper, and it’s made of lemonade, lime juice, coconut cream, and a splash of grenadine syrup. 

Meanwhile, the best thing about this tropical drink is that you can make it your own. Especially by adding any fruit flavors, you like to really customize it to your taste buds. You are sure going to love it!

6. Yellow-Eyed Demon

The Yellow-Eyed Demon is a refreshing, fruity one on the list of drinks that start with Y, perfect for a hot summer day. It combines the best flavors of lemonade and iced tea. 

All you need to do is brew some black tea, add lemon juice and sugar, and pour over ice. Finally, serve with a slice of lemon on the side for garnish.

7. Yellowjacket

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time for refreshing drinks. The Yellowjacket is one of the best, most delicious drinks that start with Y. 

The recipe to make it is a mix of ice-cold lemonade, pineapple juice, and ginger ale. It has a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness and will cool you off in no time. 

8. Yammynana

Drinks that start with Y? Yammynana are included! If you’re feeling adventurous, try this concoction made of yams, milk, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. It’s not too sweet or spicy; the yams make it rich, while the milk makes it creamy. 

9. Yeoman’s Passion

Fruit juices are a great way to start your day, and most of them are also good for you. But few stand out from the rest. The Yeoman’s Passion is a fruit juice that will blow your mind with flavor. 

In fact, this particular one of the drinks that start with Y will impress you so much that you’ll crave it in the morning.

Coupled with that fact, it’s got three times more antioxidants than other fruit juices. It tastes as fresh squeezed oranges and tangerines poured into a glass of water- deliciously tangy without being too sweet.

10. Yin Martini

The Yin Martini is a refreshing drink that you should try. It’s made with gin, lemon juice, and grapefruit juice. This drink is the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

The sweetness from the juice pairs well with the bitterness from the alcohol for an overall well-balanced drink

At only about 100 calories per serving, this drink is also a good option for those of us who are trying to watch our waistlines. The best part about this delicious cocktail? Of all the drinks that start with Y, it’s easy to make!

11. Ying Yang

A simple and delicious drink, the Ying Yang is a blend of iced green tea and lemonade. It’s perfect for summertime, and easy to enjoy both flavors without choosing one another.

To make your ying yang at home, you’ll need a green tea bag, sugar (or sweetener), lemon juice, water, and ice cubes. Now the procedure: First, pour water in a small pot until it boils, then remove from heat. 

Next, add the green tea bag and let it steep for five minutes before removing it with tongs. Lastly, add in sugar to taste and stir until dissolved before adding in the ice cubes – wait 10-15 minutes before stirring again.

The ratio of ingredients will depend on how much you want to make, so adjust accordingly! All in all, if you are looking for mind-blowing drinks that start with Y, Ying Yang is up to the task!

12. Yo Mama Cocktail

A Yo Mama cocktail is a fun and fruity drink that will get you in a cheerful mood. It is made with vodka, amaretto, and pineapple juice. The first time I had this was at the University of Arizona. 

My boyfriend’s fraternity house was throwing a party for his sister, who was graduating from college, and this drink was one of the refreshments served there.

At first, I thought it would taste gross because of the mix of alcohol, but after tasting it, I found that it wasn’t too strong or sweet, which made me like it even more.

So if you are looking for drinks that start with Y that add some tastiness to them, then try out this cocktail.

13. Yoda

A sentence to describe Yoda on the list of drinks that start with Y; “Yummy in my tummy”! Try this yummy drink if you’re looking for something refreshing and delicious. 

Meanwhile, the ingredients include green grapes and apple cider vinegar. These give it a tart, slightly sweet flavor with a hint of spice from the ginger. This is a great drink for those who enjoy lighter drinks with some kick to them.

14. YoYo Blow Out

The YoYo Blow Out is not just one refreshing drink that starts with Y. It is also a great pick-me-up when you are feeling sluggish. All you need to do to make this drink is mix some orange juice, limeade, and cranberry juice. 

This combination of three juices will create a delicious, fruity taste that will keep you energized throughout the day.

If you want to switch things up, try adding some pineapple juice or grapefruit juice instead of cranberry juice. Either way, this drink will have your back regarding quenching thirst and providing mental clarity. 

15. Yucca

Yucca is a drink that is served in the Caribbean. It was created from a mixture of water, juice from yucca fruit, and sugar.

A bottle or jug is filled with this mixture, then refrigerated for about an hour so it can set. The result is a cold and delicious drink that tastes like apple cider. 

Also, the yucca goes great with rum! Looking for a refreshing beverage on our list of drinks that start with Y to cool off with on these hot summer days or nights? Yucca will definitely do the trick!

16. Yukon Dew Me

It’s no secret that Yukon is one of the best beers on the market. But you may not know that they also have a refreshing drink called Yukon Dew Me.

In fact, the citrus-flavored drink has been around for nearly 30 years, and it’s a perfect way to cool down this summer.

Furthermore, this is a refreshing drink to sip on, but you should ensure you’re out of the sun before you start drinking it. You can find this icy beverage at any store or gas station.

It tastes great and quenches thirst without taking up much room in your stomach. It comes in a 12-ounce can, so it’s easy to take with you if you need to drink something on the go.

Plus, it’s even low in calories, so you can enjoy all the refreshing flavors without feeling guilty about indulging! Undoubtedly, it is one of the best drinks that start with Y! 

17. Yukon Cornelius

The Yukon Cornelius is not left out of our list of delicious drinks that start with Y! This refreshing drink provides the perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, and spice. The drink is made with white wine, ginger ale, and fresh lime juice. 

Additionally, the name comes from the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” where a curmudgeonly character by the name of Yukon Cornelius appears as one of the Whos. It was also referenced in The Cat in the Hat.

18. Yum Yum

A refreshing yummy drink is the best way to indulge without feeling guilty. So many delicious drinks start with Y, and it is not surprising that they’re quite popular among customers. For example, a yummy cream soda can be enjoyed by those who love to sip sweet drinks. 

Moving further, a favorite drink of mine is a coconut yogurt smoothie with a rich coconut flavor and creamy texture.

The best part about this type of smoothie is that you can have it in any flavor you like! I like to order an orange yogurt smoothie when I’m craving something fruity, while my sister prefers blueberry.

Another favorite drink of mine is watermelon bubble tea, which tastes just as good as it sounds.

19. Yuppidoo

Yuppidoo is one of the refreshing drinks that start with Y. It is made of two parts carbonated water, one part fruit juice, and one part seltzer.

The ingredients are mixed until they form a bubbly, fizzy beverage. Plus, the yuppidoo is great for adults, kids, and even dogs who need a healthier way to drink! 

The taste of yuppidoo is reminiscent of grapefruit juice but with a twist. The carbonation creates bubbles and a tingling sensation on the tongue, while the fruit juice has a more intense flavor.

This drink can be found at most grocery stores and vending machines. Preferably, you can make it yourself by mixing seltzer water with fruit juice.

20. Yellow Sock

The yellow sock is a traditional cocktail that has been around for centuries. It mixes different liquors and fruit juices, such as grapefruit, pineapple, lime, orange, and white rum.

What’s more? This drink can be served on the rocks or shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker. The name comes from the color of the pineapple juice that makes up a large portion of this drink.

Trust me; you want to take advantage of the Yellow sock, an amazing drink that starts with Y!

21. Yellow Rattler

Regarding the refreshing drinks that start with Y, Yellow Rattler isn’t left off the list. There are two ingredients, lemonade, and peach schnapps. 

The recipe for this drink is: Pour lemonade into a highball glass. Next, add peach schnapps. Then, fill the rest of the glass with ice and enjoy!

22. Yellow Parrot

The Yellow Parrot is a refreshing drink with vodka, lemon, and pineapple juice. Served in a highball glass, this drink can be enjoyed with ice or without. Also, it’s great for summertime picnics or as an addition to your brunch menu.

23. Yellow Parakeet

When it’s summertime, sometimes all you want to do is sit outside with a refreshing drink in your hand. But what drink should you get? There are so many beverage options out there. 

However, some of these beverages are great drinks starting with Y, including the Yellow Parakeet. This is a beverage perfect for when it’s hot outside! The yellow parakeet consists of pineapple juice and lemonade mixed in a glass over ice.

24. Yellow Fever

If you’re looking for a drink that is both sweet and tangy, then this one’s for you. Yellow fever mixes lemon-lime soda with orange juice and grenadine syrup.

The drink gets its name because its color resembles the flag of Haiti, which was once called the Yellow Republic.

Additionally, this sweet and tangy drink is a popular option for kids who are looking for a refreshing beverage to sip on during hot summer days.

Also, it can be used as an ingredient in recipes like ice cream or popsicles. Some people even use it as part of their morning routine because it helps to boost their immune system.

So if you’re looking for something refreshing on our list of drinks that start with Y, why not try yellow fever?

25. Yellow Cake

Is Yellow Cake one of the drinks that start with Y? Yes! This drink combines the yellow cake mix with vanilla ice cream, pineapple juice, and milk. Mix it all until the ingredients are well combined. 

The result is a sweet and tasty drink that will cool you down on a warm day. Or satisfy your sweet tooth when you need a late-night snack. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on this, don’t even think about that!

26. Yellow Boxer

The yellow boxer is a delicious, tangy drink that’s perfect for a hot summer day. The cocktail consists of vodka, lemonade, and grapefruit juice. Besides, it gets its name from the color of the drink, which is yellow in appearance.

27. Your Train Has Been Cancelled Drink

Your Train Has Been Cancelled is a drink that is perfect for those who want to spend their day relaxing. It’s made with pineapple juice, vodka, and grenadine syrup and comes in a tall glass. 

Also, it can be served either on the rocks or straight up. The taste of this drink reminds me of something you would have at an island resort, but with a little more kick.

We are still talking about the several delectable drinks that start with Y here; we are still going! 

28. Yucatan Sour

The Yucatan sour, a refreshing drink that starts with Y, can be served on the rocks or blended. The ingredients include lime juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup, and dark rum.

Moving on, to make this: Combine all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Next, shake well and pour into a glass filled with ice cubes. Finally, garnish with half a wedge of lime and serve with straws.

29. Yummy Bidnis

The next drink on this list of delectable drinks that start with Y is Yummy Bidnis. Bidnis is a traditional Jamaican sorrel drink that has the ability to calm an upset stomach, fight colds and reduce fevers.

The drink is made from dried hibiscus flowers, which are ground into a powder before being mixed with water and sugar.

Its tart and tangy flavor make it perfect for a summertime refreshment or when you’re under the weather.

In addition, Bidnis can be found at many local Jamaican restaurants in Kingston. Nevertheless, if you want to make your version of this delicious drink, many recipes on the internet may work for you. One such recipe calls for boiling water, dried hibiscus flowers, and white sugar.

30. Young Chevalier.

The Young Chevalier is a refreshing cocktail that’s perfect for the warmer months. The drink starts with a base of dry gin mixed with lemon juice and simple syrup. 

Also, St-Germain elderflower liqueur adds a sweet, floral flavor to the mixture, while fresh apple cider vinegar provides a tart tang.

The drink is finished with seltzer water to add bubbles and fizziness to the beverage. Looking for an all-around cocktail on the drinks list that starts with Y? There you have it, Young Chevalier!

31. Y2K Shot

What’s better than kicking back with a refreshing drink? Not much. So, if you need drinks that start with Y, this one’s for you! The Y2K shot is made from vodka and ginger ale, which sounds really good to me. 

Meanwhile, it’s not your usual shot that gets you wasted. Instead, it helps you cool off on a hot day while also giving you energy.

And according to my research (aka Googling), it’s also supposed to make your hangover go away faster.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me—you get drunk and have less headache the next day. What more could we ask for?

32. You Beso Call Sol.

You Beso Call Sol is a refreshing, light drink that is the perfect summer drink. It’s iced, so it will keep you cool in this hot weather. It’s also sweet and fruity, which is always satisfying after a long day. 

Furthermore, the best part about this drink is that you don’t have to make it at home. It’s available at stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for just $2 per liter.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing some of your favorite fruit flavors to make your version of a You Beso Call Sol!

33. Yaka

I’m a big fan of drinks that start with ‘Y.’ I recently learned about Yak and thought it would be perfect for this blog post. 

It is a Tibetan drink that is made with barley flour, sugar, water, and yeast. It tastes a lot like beer. The best thing about Yak is that it doesn’t contain any alcohol. My friends and I tried it during our camping trip last week, and we all loved it; you should try it too.

34. Yakisugi Sour

The yakisugi sour is equally not left out of our list of drinks that start with Y. This is a refreshing drink that is perfect for this hot summer. It has the perfect balance of tart and sweet. 

In addition, the recipe is simple to make. Like any other cocktail, you must mix the ingredients in a shaker and pour them over ice. 

35. Yellow Birdie

The Yellow Birdie is an easy-to-make beverage for those who are looking for a sweet and fruity option. It’s perfect for any occasion and great to have on hand in the fridge for company.

To make this specialty on the roll of drinks that start with Y, follow these steps below:

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. 
  2. Add gin, apricot liqueur, lemon juice, sugar (or to taste), and pineapple juice. 
  3. Shake the ingredients together vigorously until well-mixed. 
  4. Pour into a glass filled with crushed ice (or pour over ice cubes). 
  5. Garnish with pineapple chunks or slices, if desired.

36. Yale Cocktail

The Yale Cocktail is a refreshing mix of grapefruit juice, grenadine, and gin. The drink was invented in 1978 at the Yale Club in New York City. It’s a simple concoction that has a lot of potential for variations. 

For example, you can use vodka instead of gin or omit the grenadine altogether if you want to make it more like a virgin version.

This cocktail is also known as The Wall Street Cocktail because it was so popular with traders when they were working on Wall Street.

Do you desire a classic yet simple cocktail from the drinks that start with Y? The Yale Cocktail might just be perfect for you.

37. Yellow Bird

The Yellow Bird is the perfect drink for anyone that wants to relax. It’s made with vodka, orange juice, and grapefruit juice, so it has a light citrusy taste. 

Also, it has a refreshingly sweet taste from the pineapple juice in the cocktail. This drink will make you feel like you’re on vacation. We are almost done with the drinks that start with Y. Continue reading. 

38. Yang Martini

The Yang Martini is a twist on the classic vodka martini, made with ginger liqueur and pear juice. The drink is perfect for people who want something refreshing but still want that classic cocktail taste. What’s even better about this drink is that it’s easy to mix up at home!

First, you must pour the ginger liqueur into a shaker filled with ice cubes. Once your shaker has been thoroughly chilled, add pear juice and vodka (or gin, if you prefer). 

Next, once your ingredients are inside the shaker, cover it and shake it until everything is well combined. This takes roughly 30 seconds or so. Just simple processes to make delightful drinks that start with Y!

39. Yoghurt Fruit Dip

Next up on our list of drinks that start with Y, there’s the Yoghurt Fruit Dip. Similar to other drinks, it’s super easy to make.

Whip up this dip by combining yogurt, sour cream, vanilla extract, sugar, egg whites, and fresh fruit in a bowl. After it’s all nice and creamy, add it to graham crackers as dippers for a deliciously sweet snack. Enjoy! 

40. Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

To wrap up our list of delicious drinks that start with Y is the Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker. It is an emerging drink that is becoming more and more popular. The ingredients are simple: lemonade, lime juice, and ginger ale. 

You must pour the lemonade and lime juice into a glass with ice cubes and top it off with ginger ale. This drink can be served in a tall glass or a shot glass for more of a slushy type of drink. 

As for the taste, it’s very refreshing because it contains both sweet and sour flavors. It tastes like you’re drinking something from your childhood. But it’s still new enough that you’ll feel like you taste something different every time!


Nothing beats enjoying a delicious beverage, especially on a hot day or after a long day at work. For the most refreshing experience, however, you need to order drinks that start with Y! 

Check out those delicious drinks that start with Y, and you’ll be ready to keep cool this summer season! 

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