20 Drinks That Start With C

Drinks That Start With C

Citrus is one of the most popular flavors in the world, but it’s especially prevalent in certain types of beverages and alcohol.

If you like to drink and are looking to try something new, this list of drinks that start with C will give you a good jumping-off point for your adventures in drinking! Read on to learn more about these delicious drinks that start with C

When you’re ordering your favorite drink at the bar, have you ever wondered about the names of other cocktails that start with the same letter?

Sure, most people know about martinis, cosmopolitans, and margaritas, but there are more out there than you might think!

Check out this delicious drink list that starts with ‘C’ to discover new favorites!

1. Cuban Rose

The first on our list of drinks that start with is Cuban Rose. To make, follow these easy steps; Add light rum, grenadine syrup, and orange juice to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until cold, then strain into a Collins glass filled with ice.

After, garnish with an orange slice and cherry. For a virgin version of Cuban Rose, omit rum and grenadine syrup and substitute unsweetened lemon-lime soda for orange juice. Also, garnish with a lemon wedge instead of an orange slice or cherry.

2. Cafe Royal

This one is named after a bar in London, but you can make your version of it by adding coconut rum, vodka, and pomegranate juice.

The flavors come together in a tasty blend that tastes like pineapple and coconut. It’s just sweet enough to be refreshing but not so much that it makes you feel sluggish or overly full. 

Additionally, since they’re made with healthy ingredients like mango and grapefruit juices, these are guilt-free drinks that start with C.

So if you feel like having an adult beverage after work tonight, try making one of these instead of ordering something unhealthy at a bar. You might feel better about yourself for doing so!

3. Campari Cocktail

You can drink Campari straight, but that’s like drinking gin without tonic or vodka without grapefruit juice.

Mix with equal parts soda water for a delightful aperitif or serve with an orange slice in a rocks glass over ice for a great digestif.

Some prefer it on its own, served neat in an old-fashioned glass with a couple of drops of Angostura bitters. Importantly, it is also one of the drinks that start with C.

However, here’s a tip: For extra credit, make your simple syrup by dissolving sugar and water in a pint jar.

You can swap your plain soda water for ginger ale or fresh lemonade to change things up. This will give your Campari cocktail some extra fizziness and flavor!

4. Cape Cod

The word Cape Cod is used to describe two things: a body of water located in the easternmost part of Massachusetts and a type of cocktail made with rum, vodka, vermouth, and cranberry juice.

The drink originated at Cape Codder Restaurant in Provincetown, Mass., after bartender Justin Mixell was experimenting with local fruits. 

To make his drink taste better, he added cranberry juice to round out its fruity flavor. He reportedly took one sip and said: That’s it. And Cape Cod isn’t left out of our list of drinks that start with C.

5. Caribbean Cooler

One of my favorite ways to cool down during hot summer days is with a Caribbean Cooler, one of the various drinks that start with C.

The recipe includes pineapple juice, coconut milk, and rum—which makes for an amazingly refreshing cocktail that will cool you down after a long day.

And it’s incredibly simple to make. All you need is your favorite pineapple juice, some rum, and one can of coconut milk. 

Moreso, feel free to modify or swap out ingredients if you prefer a different type of rum or coconut milk, but as far as I’m concerned, anything goes!

Once you add ice and shake up your concoction, pour yourself a Caribbean Cooler and enjoy! You could even serve them on the rocks instead of mixing them if that’s your preference.

6. Catalina Margarita

Margaritas are one of the summer’s most popular cocktails, and they’re especially delicious when made with homemade simple syrup.

To make a Catalina Margarita, begin by shaking all your ingredients together over ice; strain into an old-fashioned glass rimmed with salt (no blender required). 

I prefer to use organic citrus juice for my margaritas—it adds a lot of flavor without overpowering things. If you want to add extra booze, go ahead and float some top-shelf tequila on top!

Sometimes we need to splurge. Basically, we have many drinks that start with C, and this is one of them!

7. Catcher In The Rye

This is a delicious, not-too-sweet drink that’s great for summer. It uses fresh ginger, lemons, and mint to water your mouth, while citrus vodka cools you off on a hot day.

The cocktail mixes very well with club soda, so serve it over ice or blend it up in a blender for a party treat.

Here’s the simple procedure to make it: Mix chilled ginger ale with citrus vodka (try orange flavored for extra pizzazz).

Afterward, add grated fresh ginger root, lemon juice, and sugar. Finally, stir together and garnish with mint leaves or other edible flower petals before serving over ice. 

Of the various drinks that start with C, this one is perfect for sipping poolside! — so feel free to double or triple ingredients as needed.

8. Centennial Punch

And yes! The drinks that start with C include this vibrant red punch. It is a mixture of cranberry, apple juice, and orange soda.

Whether you want to serve it at a holiday party or make it your go-to drink for St. Patrick’s Day, you won’t be disappointed!

In fact, a 12-oz can of frozen concentrate makes about six 8-oz servings. If you choose to use fresh cranberries, allow three cups for each can of frozen concentrate. You could also garnish with a slice of orange, an apple wedge, or both!

9. Charlie Chaplin

This classic cocktail combines equal parts Cointreau, dry vermouth, and sweet vermouth with a dash of bitters. It’s named after actor Charlie Chaplin.

Some recipes omit either or both types of vermouth. If you want to go crazy, add some Luxardo maraschino cherries instead of a garnish and serve it in a glass with two cherries perched on top. Seriously delish! 

Here’s how to make one: Add ice to a mixing glass. Then, fill it with equal parts Cointreau, dry vermouth (or white wine), sweet vermouth (or red wine), and Angostura bitters. There you have it! One of the sumptuous drinks that start with C!

10. Cherry Alexander

If you are looking for drinks that start with C, Cherry Alexander is one. It doesn’t get much better on a hot summer day than a cold Cherry Alexander.

The name might sound like it’s straight out of an old spy movie, but don’t let that fool you—this is one delicious drink. 

Further, for cherry enthusiasts, try a few extra maraschino cherries for added sweetness and texture. It might look like something from an upscale bar menu, but with only five ingredients (cherry juice concentrate being number four), you can create your own at home in just minutes.

11. Chi-Chi

If you’re looking for delicious drinks that start with C, look no further than Chi-Chi, a mixed drink made with a coconut base and prepared with various juices. You can either use a purchased mix or make your own. 

Either way, prepare it as follows: Blend sweetened coconut cream, pineapple juice, lime juice, and crushed ice.

Then, mix well; pour into glasses; garnish each glass with small pieces of lime. Finally, add club soda to taste if desired. Serve immediately. 

12. Chicago Fizz

We can all agree that fizz is one of those special occasion drinks, so for your next cocktail gathering, I challenge you to create something that’s just as special. Here’s my take on a Chicago Fizz. 

It was first invented at Hugo’s in Chicago in 1965 but was actually named after New York City restaurateur Martin C. (Junior) Caplan.

This cocktail combines all three of my favorite things: whiskey, champagne, and egg whites! What more can you ask from drinks that start with C, such as these?

13. Chimayo

Brewed with rye, barley, and corn, Chimayo is a beer unlike any other. It’s brewed at Belgium’s largest independent brewery: Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle in Malle, Belgium. 

Uniquely, Chimayo was introduced in 1989 and quickly became popular with beer drinkers. And now, it’s one of the most popular drinks that start with C. Be sure to check out Chimayo when you’re craving a cold one! You can order it here.

14. Chocolate Martini

It’s hard to imagine a better combination than chocolate and cocktails, but you haven’t had one until you’ve tried a chocolate martini.

A dash of vanilla vodka, some creamy Godiva chocolate liqueur, and a splash of cream shake things up perfectly. 

Plus, you can order one at your favorite upscale bar or mix it up at home—just don’t drink too many, or you might turn into Willy Wonka.

To drink ice; vanilla vodka; Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (or Baileys Irish Cream); and heavy cream. There you have one of the delectable drinks that start with C.

15. Collins

You may think that you must steer clear of cocktails if you’re a teetotaler. But that’s not necessarily true: Many cocktails out there—even fancy ones served at swanky bars—don’t have alcohol in them.

The classic example is Arnold Palmer, which starts with lemonade (although recipes vary). Others include Shirley Temples and Virgin Marys. 

Notwithstanding, plenty of options exist for those who want a different flavor but still want something non-alcoholic.

Consider Watermelon Martinis and Mango Margaritas for starters. Let your bartending skills shine by making one of these drinks for your friends tonight!

16. Cosmopolitan

Of the drinks that start with C, a Cosmopolitan is a wonderful cocktail to order when you’re at a bar and don’t know what else to get.

The mixed drink is easy to make, tastes great, and has a sweet fruity flavor that pairs well with just about anything. 

Anyways, try ordering one on your next night out with friends! If bartenders aren’t familiar with it, ask for vodka, cranberry juice, and triple sec. Voilà—you have your own yummy Cosmopolitan! Enjoy!

17. Creamsicle

Another drink of the various drinks that start with C is the Creamsicle. When it comes to summertime treats, there’s nothing better than an orange Creamsicle.

Orange juice and vanilla ice cream are blended together with a touch of sugar and whipped until smooth. 

However, if you can’t decide between orange juice and lemonade, try making a refreshing blend of both. Mix orange juice, water, and lemonade concentrate in a blender with ice for an afternoon treat that won’t derail your diet. 

18. Cuba Libre

Get ready for summer with a twist on a classic. Cuba Libres are traditionally made with rum and cola, but you can make it with tequila or whiskey if you prefer. (You could even add a splash of grapefruit juice to kick things up a notch.) 

Besides, feel free to add your twist to this great cocktail by adding simple syrup and fresh citrus juice. This is preferred instead of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. 

Feeling extra wild? How about muddled mint? You get to decide! A little creativity in your drink never hurts anyone.

19. Clockwork Orange

Not leaving this Orange juice out of our list of drinks that start with C is often touted as a great way to start your day.

But is it really? Oranges are loaded with sugar, meaning that consuming orange juice instead of water or tea could be detrimental to your health goals. 

Instead, go for unsweetened orange juice—vitamin C will help you fight colds and other illnesses but not much else! Many foods offer just as much vitamin C with no added sugar.

They include dark green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts; berries like blackberries and blueberries; red fruits like apples, tomatoes, and peppers; citrus fruit like grapefruits.

20. Caesar

Caesar comes last on our list of drinks that start with C. This cocktail is based on a combination of vodka and clam-flavored tomato juice.

It was named after Julius Caesar, who at one point in time held control over what was then known as Cisalpine Gaul. 

Meanwhile, the history of Caesars goes back to 1920s Paris, where restaurateur Constantino Ribalaigua Vert invented it.

While drunk by French legionnaires stationed in North Africa, Ribalaigua Vert combined vodka with tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper as an homage to Clamato juice. This is a beverage that he had come across while traveling north.


Many different types of drinks start with c, but some of my favorites are chocolate milk, coconut water, cream soda, and crushed ice.

People can indeed drink whatever they want—and you should never judge someone for their choices. But if you’re trying to improve your health, avoiding some types of drinks may be a good idea. 

For example, one regular (12-ounce) cola contains 39 grams of sugar and 170 calories. Most experts recommend consuming no more than 34 grams or 9 teaspoons daily.

Even diet colas are full of additives that have been linked to serious health problems. Anyways, we hope our list of drinks that start with C was refreshing to you, just as the drinks are refreshing!

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