44 Different Types of Kiwi Fruits

Different Types of Kiwi Fruits
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Did you know that there are different types of kiwi fruits? While most of us are familiar with the classic green and brown furry kiwi, there are wide other varieties out there. 

Kiwis are a nutrient-rich fruit packed with many healthy vitamins and minerals.

It is an excellent source of vitamins C and E and contains potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and dietary fiber.

The small but mighty kiwi has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its numerous health benefits.

Kiwis come in many shapes and sizes, but even within this variety, there can be subcategories like hardy or fuzzy ones, tartaric or acidic ones, etc.

In our article, we will explore some of the more common different types of kiwi fruits found today so that you can decide which one is right for you.

1. Green Kiwi

Green Kiwi
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Green kiwis are first on our list of different types of kiwi fruits. It is a variety of kiwi fruit with green outer skin, soft yellow or green flesh, and tiny black seeds.

They have an unusual fuzzy texture, sweet taste, and a tart aftertaste different from other varieties. 

Unlike the more common golden kiwi fruits with smooth skin, green kiwis are covered in a thicker fur-like fuzz. This gives them their distinctive look and feel. 

Green kiwis contain high levels of Vitamin C and E and plenty of dietary fiber and antioxidants.

They are low in calories yet packed with nutrients, making them an excellent choice to include in your daily diet.

Green Kiwis can be enjoyed alone or added to salads, smoothies, or desserts for a tasty snack or meal. 

The unique texture and flavor make it an ideal addition to various recipes.

Green Kiwis aren’t as easy to find as other types of fruit, but if you shop at Asian specialty markets, you can likely get fresh green Kiwi selections for purchase!

2. Golden Kiwi

Golden Kiwi
by El Mono Español is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The golden kiwi, also known as the Chinese gooseberry, is unique kiwi fruit. Grown for the first time in China and Taiwan.

It has since become popular worldwide due to its unique properties. Let’s take a closer look at the golden kiwi in our article!

Known for its vibrant yellow-green color, sweet flavor, and fuzzy skin, the golden kiwi is distinct from the common green or yellow varieties of Kiwis.

The golden kiwi can be easily identified by its unusual size; larger than other varieties of Kiwis and measures up to 4 inches long.

It has smooth, edible skin without any fuzziness or brown spots. 

Unlike traditional forms of kiwifruit that must be peeled before they are eaten, golden kiwifruit can be consumed without any preparation.

Its flesh is soft but slightly drier than greens and yellow kiwifruit, with fewer seeds than other varieties.

Golden Kiwi Fruits are slightly sweeter than conventional green and yellow Kiwis, with an intense flavor similar to ripe strawberries.

The unique gold color isn’t just good for eating; it’s good for you too! Golden Kiwis contain more polyphenols (antioxidants) than other types providing added nutritional benefits that can help reduce oxidative stress on cells linked to disease risk factors such as cancer and heart disease. 

They may not be widely available across supermarkets yet but keep an eye out for them when shopping;

However, due to their rarity, you’ll pay more for them than regular green or yellow varieties – it’ll be worth it!

3. Hardy Kiwi

This is the next on our list of different types of kiwi fruits. Hardy kiwi, also known as Actinidia arguta, is a type of kiwi fruit popular in many parts of the world.

Hardy kiwis taste sweet and sour but are far smaller than regular kiwi fruits. The thin, edible skins make them easy to eat without being peeled or cut up.

Their sweetness, tartness, and antioxidants are ideal for snacking and adding variety to any meal. 

Hardy kiwis have small dark brown fuzzy skins that can be eaten with the flesh beneath.

They offer a pleasantly sweet flavor with tart undertones and are unusually juicy compared to other kiwi fruits.

This makes them perfect for snacking or adding variety to dishes and smoothies. 

They’re also nutrient-packed and full of natural antioxidants for added health benefits.

Plus, you don’t need to peel off their skin before consuming; typically, a gentle wash is enough preparation. 

Hardy kiwi plants bear their fruit on thin tendrils that twist around branches like ivy vines from late summer into fall each year; consequently, it’s often called “mountain vine peach” due to its unique growth pattern.

The hardy plant can survive cold winters very well and tolerate extreme temperatures. It is ideal for gardeners interested in growing these fruits at home (or in small patio gardens).

This type of kiwi fruit is considered far more versatile than other varieties since they can be used both raw or cooked in various recipes such as pies, jams, sauces, tarts, and fresh salads–making them a must-have addition to any kitchen pantry anywhere!

4. Anananzaya Kiwi

Anananzaya Kiwi, also known as the Gold Kiwifruit, is on our list of different types of kiwi fruits and a new variety from New Zealand.

Anananzaya is a large, oval-shaped fruit with bright yellow skin and juicy green flesh. Its distinctive flavor is sweet and citrusy, with mango, peach, and melon notes. 

It’s an excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fiber. The flavor pairs perfectly with tropical fruit dishes or even on its own.

Add freshly picked Anananzaya Kiwi to your smoothie or slice it onto your breakfast cereal for freshness. With its unusual look and vibrant taste, this exotic kiwi will bring life to any plate!

5. Dumbarton Oaks Kiwi

The Dumbarton Oaks Kiwi is a kiwi fruit native to South America and Mexico.

It has a very sweet taste with a zesty citrus flavor, and its small size makes it perfect for snacking on the go. Its skin has brown spots that give it a unique visual appeal. 

The fruit’s flesh is juicy and light green, with dark brown glands dispersed throughout the flesh. Its seeds are tiny, black, and not edible, but its spongy texture allows for easy human digestion.

Its flavor is well-balanced between acidic and sweet, with underlying notes of honeydew melon and cinnamon. 

The soft but firm texture helps keep the kiwi’s unique shape intact when sliced or cubed. This type of kiwi can be used in various recipes such as pies, salads, salsas, smoothies, or even fresh ones.

With its numerous health benefits, long shelf life, and incredibly delicious taste, the Dumbarton Oaks Kiwi is one of the most loved kiwi fruits!

6. Tatyana Russian Kiwi

This is the next on our list of different types of kiwi fruits. Tatyana Russian Kiwi is a kiwifruit developed in Russia by scientists from the Institute of Horticulture and Dendrology in Moscow.

This fruit has a unique flavor compared to other kiwi fruits and is known for its health benefits and sweet taste.

Tatyana Russian Kiwi is an oval-shaped fruit with yellowish-green skin and bright orange flesh. Its flavor is milder and less acidic than other species of kiwifruit.

This makes it ideal for eating fresh or adding to smoothies, salads, or desserts. Small black edible seeds give the fruit an attractive visual appeal when eaten raw or processed into juices or smoothies. 

Not only does this kiwi variety look great, but it tastes amazing too! Not only is Tatyana Russian Kiwi delicious, but it is also high in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, and dietary fiber.

These nutritional elements make this fruit a healthy choice to include in your diet regularly. 

In addition to its nutritional benefits, it also contains enzymes that act as natural cleansers that help increase digestion efficiency by helping to break down proteins properly in your stomach before they enter the bloodstream.

All in all, Tatyana Russian Kiwis are an excellent choice when you’re looking for a delicious yet nutritious snack option or ingredient to add to recipes.

If you’ve never tried them, don’t hesitate to try them!

7. Michigan State Kiwi 

Michigan State kiwi is a variety of kiwi fruit native to Michigan. The distinctive characteristic of this particular type of kiwi is its bright greenish-yellow color, which makes it stand out from other varieties.

This bright hue gives Michigan State Kiwi a special appeal to the market, making it one of the most popular fruits in the United States. 

Its a sweet, refreshing taste, and its seeds give it an interesting texture that all age groups love.

The shape of this large oval-shaped fruit also makes it unique as its belly protrudes inwards from bottom to top, creating bumps and curves along its surface. 

Michigan State Kiwis have juicy flesh with many little black seeds inside, adding extra flavor.

It can be eaten raw or in salads, used for baking recipes or cooking dishes, or enjoyed as snacks or desserts for kids or adults.

No matter what you might use them for, Michigan State Kiwis is always a winner!

8. Ogden Point Kiwi

Ogden Point Kiwi is next on our list of different types of kiwi fruits native to New Zealand.

It has a distinct physical appearance, being larger and more oblong than other varieties of kiwi. Additionally, it has a distinct flavor that is sweeter and richer than most typical kiwis. 

Ogden Point kiwi fruit can be eaten as-is, used in baking, added to salads and smoothies, or even used in savory dishes.

The seeds are edible, too, making this healthy snack an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E and potassium and magnesium.

9. Chang Bai Kiwi

Chang Bai Kiwi is a type of kiwi fruit native to China. It is one of the most popular types of kiwi fruits globally, known for its juicy and sweet flavor.

With its thin, smooth skin and light green flesh, Chang Bai is an incredibly popular snack among kids and adults. 

The Chang Bai kiwi is a large, oval-shaped fruit with thin skin that ranges from dark green to golden yellow.

It has a thick white inside and small seeds like any other kiwi fruit. The taste of the Chang bai kiwi is unique due to the higher sugar content compared to other cultivars of kiwifruit.

It’s sharper and sweeter than the traditional green kiwifruit. One hallmark characteristic of this type of fruit is its larger size, roughly 15-18 cm long, with a diameter of up to 10cm! 

It also has a longer shelf-life than other kiwis because its high sugar content helps make it last much longer than its conventional counterparts.

Chang Bai Kiwis have many benefits as part of your overall diet; they contain plenty of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber, B vitamins, and carotenoids (a type of antioxidant).

This vitamin-rich composition makes it suitable for those watching their weight or those looking for nutritious snacks! 

The impressive amount of dietary fiber also leads to more energetic days due to increased digestion capacity.

Overall, Chang Bai Kiwis are an amazing fruit for anyone looking for more nutrition or just wanting something sweet yet healthy!

10. Early Cordifolia Kiwi

The Early Cordifolia kiwi, the Chilenilla or Honeybell kiwi, is a kiwi fruit native to Chile.

It is one of four distinctly different types of kiwi fruits today and one of the two most widely consumed in commerce. 

Early Cordifolia kiwis have a distinctive ovate shape, often giving them their characteristic “honeybells” shape.

The flesh of the fruits is generally tender and juicy with an off-white to pale yellow color and small black seeds.

Its flavor and aroma can be compared to melon or pineapple, but slightly more subdued. 

These different types of kiwi fruits have higher sugar content than other varieties, making them particularly sweet and delicious when eaten raw or added to fruit salads or other desserts.

The skin can be smooth or covered in short golden hairs depending on when picked, which must be removed before eating. 

Early Cordifolia Kiwi fruits ripen from sweeter green to ripe gold towards maturity in the southern hemisphere in autumn and winter from March to August.

11. Flowercloud Male Kiwi

The Flowercloud Male Kiwi is an amazing variety of kiwi fruit with a unique flavor, unlike any other different types of kiwi fruits.

With its white flesh and bright yellow skin, this kiwi stands out from other species and is known for having a distinct floral aroma. 

The Flowercloud Male Kiwi is great for adding a unique taste to salads and smoothies because of its various culinary benefits, such as its vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, and antioxidants.

This particular variety of kiwi also contains more dietary fiber than other varieties, making it great for digestion. 

Its powerful anti-bacterial properties make it an excellent addition to home remedies.

Whether you’re looking for which different types of kiwi fruits to add a sweet thang to your dishes or want to use its healing characteristics, the Flowercloud Male Kiwi is the perfect option!

12. Arctic Beauty Kiwi

According to The Guardian, Arctic Beauty kiwis are the first commercially available cold-hardy kiwi variety with a deep red pulp.

Grown mainly in British Columbia, Canada, these small fruits have a tart yet sweet taste and an incredibly fragrant aroma.

The outer skin is thin and smooth, while the inner flesh is a juicy and deep burgundy. 

Despite their small size, Arctic Beauty has a surprisingly high vitamin C content compared to other varieties of kiwi – three times more than green-fleshed kiwis!

This makes them ideal for snacking or adding to salads or desserts. You can enjoy this kiwi for a healthy afternoon snack with its naturally sweet flavor!

So if you’re looking for different types of kiwi fruits, refreshing new fruit on your plate that’s also packed full of nutrients, look no further than the Arctic Beauty Kiwi!

13. Pasha Male Arctic Beauty Kiwi

Kiwi fruits are among the most delicious and healthiest fruits in the world. They are known for their unique tart-sweet flavor, high nutrient content, and dense furry peel.

However, a lesser-known variety of kiwi has gained notoriety recently: Pasha Male Arctic Beauty Kiwi.

It’s a distinctly different type of fruit with characteristics that make it stand out among other varieties. 

14. Frost Arctic Beauty Kiwi

Kiwi fruits, or Chinese gooseberries as they are commonly referred to, come in wide different varieties.

One specific type is the Frost Arctic Beauty Kiwi, which is notable for its unique appearance and flavor. 

The Frost Arctic Beauty Kiwi is recognizable by its bold green and golden yellow stripes on the skin.

In addition to being visually striking, the fruit’s flesh has a tart taste with notes of pineapple and passionfruit that pair nicely with sweet flavors like honeydew melon. 

Unlike other kiwi fruits, the Frost Arctic Beauty doesn’t require peeling before eating; slice it in half and enjoy!

This kiwi contains plenty of Vitamin C and antioxidants regarding nutritional value. It also makes a great addition to smoothies, salads, or desserts as an alternative to bananas.

For customers looking for exotic and different types of kiwi fruits experience, Frost Arctic Beauty Kiwis are worth trying!

15. Viktor Arctic Beauty Kiwi

Viktor Arctic Beauty Kiwi is a unique kiwi fruit native to northern Europe.

This sweet and juicy fruit has golden yellow-green skin with tender red-orange flesh. The Viktor Arctic Beauty Kiwi is known for its excellent taste, rich aroma, and stunning looks. 

In addition to the delicious taste, this variety of kiwi is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals, making it one of the most nutritious types of kiwi fruits.

It contains high levels of Vitamin C, A, and E, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, all essential to promoting good health. 

16. Bruno Kiwi

Bruno kiwis are different types of kiwi fruits that taste sweet and tart.

They have deep purple skin with orange flesh and tend to be larger than the traditional green variety of kiwi fruits.

The Bruno is an early-season kiwi, ripening from late summer to early fall. 

Here’s one paragraph on everything you need about the Bruno Kiwi. The Bruno kiwifruit is native to New Zealand and has a unique flavor profile.

It boasts a sweeter taste than its green cousin and a hint of tartness, making it a great addition to sweet or savory dishes or a healthy snack! 

Bruno kiwis are packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, folate, potassium, and copper, making them a superfood.

They can reduce your disease risk while helping your overall health and wellness.

They also contain dietary fiber that could aid digestion, lower cholesterol levels, and increase satiety after meals.

Additionally, their dark purple skin makes them an attractive addition to any fruit bowl or platter, so don’t forget to add some Bruno kiwis when looking for ways to spice up your snack game!

17. Jenny Kiwi

Jenny Kiwi is a variation of the classic and familiar Kiwi fruit. It’s small, round, and just like a regular green kiwi with characteristic hair.

The main difference is that Jenny Kiwis are sweeter than the original Kiwi variety, making them great for snacking and adding nutrition to desserts. 

While this variety is not as widely available in stores as other types of kiwi, it can be found in some farmer’s markets and specialty health food stores.

Jenny kiwis offer plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium.

18. Vincent Kiwi

Vincent Kiwi is next on our list of different types of kiwi fruits native to Europe and South America but is now grown in many parts of the world.

Like other types of kiwi fruits, this fruit has a large oval shape, fuzzy greenish skin, and flesh and contains large black seeds. 

However, Vincent kiwi tends to be sweeter than traditional green or yellow kiwis and offers more juiciness.

In addition to being eaten raw as a snack or topping for desserts and dairy products, this berry can also be used in jams, jellies, and even wines.

Some people prefer Vincent kiwi because it’s easier to manage when cooking due to its mild flavor.

19. Red Kiwi

Red Kiwis are different types of kiwi fruits that gained popularity in the early 2000s.

Most people know traditional green kiwi, but several other varieties come in different colors and flavors. 

Red kiwis have thin yellow-brown skin with a reddish-purple color flesh. Their flavor is sweeter than regular green kiwi, with a hint of strawberry taste.

Their texture is soft and juicy, with a crunch from their small black seeds. 

Red kiwis are extremely nutritional, providing high amounts of vitamins A, C, and E and minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

They also contain dietary fiber for better digestion. Red kiwi can be eaten fresh or used to make smoothies, juices, jams, and baked goods, adding extra sweetness to any dish!

20. Hot Pepper Silver Vine Kiwi

Hot Pepper Silver Vine Kiwi is a type of kiwi fruit with a unique flavor profile. While the traditional kiwi is sour and tart, this variety is sweet and spicy.

It has thin brown skin similar to traditional kiwis, but its flesh is pale green. 

It can be eaten fresh, used as an ingredient in salads, or blended into smoothies.

Its rich content of dietary fiber and vitamins C and E make it an excellent health booster for immunity and skin tone.

Additionally, Hot Pepper Silver Vine Kiwi contains carotenoids that protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Eating this unique variety can help boost your energy level, making it particularly beneficial for athletes or anyone who wants to maintain good physical health!

21. Vera’s Pride Silver Vine Kiwi

Vera’s Pride Silver Vine Kiwi is a new variety of kiwi grown in the United States, specifically California.

This silver-skinned kiwi has a tropical, sweet flavor and creamy texture. It can be eaten as is or incorporated into various dishes, from salads to desserts. 

It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C and dietary fiber and boasts a reddish-purple flesh that contains fewer seeds than other varieties.

Vera’s Pride Silver Vine Kiwi has been specially bred to produce an exceptionally large, uniform-sized fruit with optimal sweetness.

This makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-serve snack that looks great on the plate and is also incredibly healthy!

22. King Li Kiwi

Jing Li kiwi is an impactful and novel kiwi fruit that has overtaken the market.

It has a subtle sweetness mixed with notes of lychee and citrus, making it an excellent snack or dessert. 

Unlike traditional green and brown kiwi fruits, Jing Li is bright yellow with dark spots scattered around them.

The exterior skin is smooth, almost creamy like butter, making them very easy to peel.

Inside you will find juicy flesh that is creamy in texture yet still firm enough for desserts like pavlovas and other cooking applications. 

As for nutrition, Jing Li Kiwis have fewer seeds than other kiwi fruits but provide up to three times more Vitamin C per gram than regular ones.

This makes them an especially great addition to your daily diet!

23. Ruan Zhao Kiwi

The Ruan Zhao Kiwi (the Macaque peach kiwi) is a unique kiwi fruit in Southeast Asia.

It has an appealing orange color and a sweet and tart flavor reminiscent of peaches. While its skin is bumpy but fairly thin and can be eaten with the flesh. 

These different kiwi fruits are excellent fiber, potassium, and folate sources. It also contains vitamins A, C, and E, which help to boost immunity, improve digestion, and reduce inflammation, among other health benefits.

The Ruan Zhao Kiwi has become increasingly popular due to its versatile uses in cooking applications like jams, preserves, jellies, desserts, salads, smoothies, chutneys, and more.

Its popularity makes it an ideal ingredient or topping for various recipes due to its bright color and flavorful sweetness.

24. Huang Yan Kiwi

The Huang Yan Kiwi is a unique variety of kiwi fruit originating in China. It has bright yellow or orange flesh, covering the skin in tiny white specs.

The texture of Huang Yan Kiwis is firm, juicy, and slightly crispy while offering a distinct sweet-tart flavor profile that rivals other Kiwi varieties. 

Its high sugar content makes it an excellent option for salads, smoothies, or a unique dessert topping.

Plus, the Huang Yan Kiwi’s smaller size makes them easier to eat than regular kiwis, making them ideal for snacking!

25. Mao Hua Kiwi

The Mao Hua Kiwi is also one of the different Kiwi fruits recently gaining popularity.

This unique tropical fruit, native to the South Pacific region, is known for its juicy orange flesh and sweet flavor.

The skin of this kiwi is covered in tiny brown fuzz, much like a hairless cat, and its smooth texture on the outside makes it easy to peel and eat as well. 

In addition to its sweet taste, the Mao Hua Kiwi is packed with essential nutrients such as Vitamin C and potassium, making it a nutritious treat.

Its small size also makes it convenient to carry around and enjoy whenever you need an energy boost or a delicious snack while out and about.

Whether you add them to a smoothie or eat them raw, the Mao Hua Kiwi will surely please your taste buds!

26. Chinese Egg Gooseberry Kiwi

The Chinese egg gooseberry kiwi is an especially unique variety of kiwi fruit native to Asia.

It’s one of the tiniest different types of kiwi fruits you can find, usually ranging from the size of a large grape to the size of a small plum. 

Despite its small size, the Chinese egg gooseberry kiwi offers the same nutritional benefits as regular-sized kiwis.

It is highly rich in vitamin C, potassium, folate, and flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that help reduce risk factors for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

The fruit has a sweet taste similar to other kinds of kiwifruits but with a slightly more sour flavor due to its higher citric acid content.

The Chinese egg gooseberry kiwi also has a hard outer skin, making it look like an egg, and some people compare it to the yolk of a boiled egg.

27. Pavel Male Silver Vine Kiwi

Kiwis are a type of fruit widely enjoyed throughout many parts of the world.

One unique type of kiwi fruit is the Pavel Male Silver Vine Kiwi, a brown-skinned fruit distinguished by its white pulp and black seeds. 

The Pavel Male Silver Vine is from seed stock from Russia and was developed at Agrofirma Male Vinogradov in Belarus.

It contains a tropical flavor, with hints of banana and pineapple, often being compared to muscat or even mangosteen in taste.

Its succulent, textured flesh makes it perfect for adding to salads and other dishes and eating independently. 

The Pavel Male Silver Vine Kiwi tastes amazing and contains several vitamins, such as Vitamin C, A, B6, and K, protein, dietary fiber, and antioxidants.

So if you’re looking for different types of kiwi fruits to add to your menu or just a delicious snack that’s good for you, consider trying the Pavel Male Silver Vine Kiwi!

28. Silver Vine Kiwi

The Silver Vine Kiwi may seem small and delicate, but this type of kiwi is quite remarkable. Here’s one paragraph about this special type of fruit: 

Silver Vine Kiwi is an incredibly distinctive variety of kiwi. This type of fruit is smaller than other varieties and has a more elongated shape with a silver hue to its skin.

The interior is home to a sweet, juicy flesh that offers a unique flavor with undertones of lychee and peach mixed with notes of vanilla and honey. 

The health benefits associated with the Silver Vine Kiwi include higher levels of Vitamin C compared to other kiwi fruits and more antioxidants and beneficial minerals such as copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, calcium, and phosphorus.

They have been found to aid digestion, relieve stress and anxiety, promote good skin health due to Vitamins A & E, and boost vision health due to the Vitamin A content.

Eating just two or three pieces per day should be enough for most people to reap these nutritional benefits associated with this delightful kiwi fruit!

29. Allison Kiwi

Allison kiwis are different kiwi fruits known for their unique shape and flavor.

They have yellow-green skin with soft fuzz, similar in texture to a peach, and the inside is an eye-catching bright green. 

Sometimes referred to as “Chinese gooseberries,” these juicy little morsels are becoming increasingly popular in supermarkets due to their sweet taste and health benefits.

Allison kiwis are high in vitamin C and low on the glycemic index, making them an excellent choice for people looking to add more fruits into their diet without weighing themselves down with too many calories or refined sugars. 

Allison kiwis also contain significant amounts of dietary fiber, which aids in digestion and helps control blood sugar levels. If you want to try something new, give Allison Kiwis a try!

30. Abbott Kiwi

Abbott Kiwi is a kiwi fruit with an elongated shape and speckled brown skin. It has a mild flavor with soft, juicy flesh that’s a bit sweet and tart.

As with most other kiwis, Abbott Kiwi has many health benefits. 

It’s particularly rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, making it beneficial for digestion and overall well-being.

Regarding nutrition, the Abbott Kiwi is packed with vitamins and minerals that help promote good health.

Thanks to its mild yet complex flavor profile, Abbott Kiwis are excellent additions to smoothies and salads.

32. Saanichton Kiwi

Saanichton Kiwi is also one of the different types of kiwi fruits that are historically grown in the Saanich Peninsula in British Columbia, Canada.

This kiwi variety has a smooth texture, sweet taste, and bright hue, making it highly sought after by chefs and consumers alike. 

The interior of the Saanichton kiwi features a yellowish-green flesh with small black seeds. It can be consumed raw and added to salads, jams, and other recipes.

Additionally, its skin can also be enjoyed when cooked due to its thickness and resistance to browning. 

Unlike most other different types of kiwi fruits, Saanichton differs in that they contain about 2% sugar content, making them significantly sweeter than other types.

This special sweetness makes this local variety popular among those looking for traditional flavors from the Pacific Northwest region.

33. Blake Kiwi

Kiwi is a type of berry with a fuzzy and brown outer layer.

The inside reveals a bright-green fruit with tiny edible black seeds, making it a unique and nutritious addition to any plate or fruit bowl.

But did you know there is such a thing as a Blake Kiwi?

Blake Kiwis are one of the unique types of kiwi fruits you will find. Unlike golden or Hayward kiwi varieties, this variety is darker in color and feels softer to the touch.

Its golden-brown coloring gives it its namesake – ‘blake,’ which means dark in old English – while it’s small size and smooth texture make it ideal for snacking on fresh. 

Underneath the exterior lies a juicy green interior with small edible black seeds throughout the center.

The Blake Kiwi contains more sugar than other varieties of kiwifruit – 16 grams per average serving compared to eight for both yellow Hayward and golden kiwis – but counteracts this with an impressive range of nutrients, including vitamin C, E, and K, as well as having significant amounts of potassium and dietary fiber which makes it great for sustaining energy levels throughout the day without spiking your blood sugar levels too high. 

It also contains antioxidants that help protect our cells from harmful by-products our bodies create during oxidation.

Their unique flavor makes them popular among chefs creating savory dishes like salads, salsas, sauces, desserts, and cocktails! 

Their sweet-tart flavor complements cooked dishes like pork or fish surprisingly well!

For those looking to taste without worrying about its crunchy texture, adding black kiwis into smoothies can be just as delicious as consuming them fresh!

34. Emerald Arctic Beauty Kiwi

The Emerald Arctic Beauty kiwi is an emerging star in exotic fruits.

This variety of kiwi comes from a cold-tolerant plant native to Siberia, allowing it to be grown in climates with shorter growing seasons and colder temperatures than traditional varieties. 

As its name suggests, the Emerald Arctic kiwi has a beautiful emerald green color, while its flesh reveals a unique mélange of pink, purple, and yellow tones beneath the skin.

The flavor profile of this cold-weather kiwi includes sweet and sour notes that combine with hints of pineapple, strawberry, and Tangerine making it stand out among other types of kiwi fruits.

With a crunchy texture and small amounts of edible seeds, this succulent fruit will surely become the latest trend in healthy treats!

35. Pasha Male Arctic Beauty Kiwi

Pasha Male Arctic Beauty Kiwis – also known as “Arctic Flavour” – is a type of superfood native to regions in northern Russia.

The intense cold helps to create this unique type of kiwi fruit which is believed to contain higher levels of antioxidants than most other fruits.

This makes them an ideal dietary supplement for improving their health and well-being. 

Unlike regular kiwifruit, the Pasha Male Arctic Beauty has a rich deep red flesh instead of creamy yellow or green, giving it a distinct visual appeal and a unique flavor profile considered by many as “the future of kiwifruit.”

This variety is also richer in fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin E while having fewer calories than regular kiwi fruits, making them attractive to those looking to follow a healthy diet or lifestyle. 

These different types of kiwi fruits taste can be described as sweetly tart, similar to regular kiwis, but with more depth and complexity, making them perfect for adding flavor and texture to drinks, smoothies, and baking recipes.

If you want something special or an extra nutrient hit, try Pasha Male Arctic Beauty Kiwi. You won’t regret it!

36. Fuzzy Kiwi

Fuzzy Kiwi is a unique kiwi fruit with fuzzy brown skin and sweet, juicy flesh. It originates in China and is now grown in many parts of the world.

While it can be consumed raw like other kiwi fruits, Fuzzy Kiwi is perhaps best enjoyed when used in salads or desserts.

Fuzzy Kiwi has a relatively large size compared to other varieties of kiwis. Its exterior is covered with a light brown fuzz, and its interior is made of soft, translucent flesh. 

Unlike regular green-fleshed kiwis with a sour taste, Fuzzy Kiwis have a sweet, tangy flavor, making them suitable for dessert recipes or savory dishes such as salads. 

Fuzzy Kiwis are packed with essential vitamins such as vitamins C, E, and K and calcium and potassium, making them an ideal nutrient-rich snack!

You can eat Fuzzy Kiwis like any other variety by slicing it in half and scooping the flesh directly from the shell.

Alternatively, you can peel off the skin before consuming it for less texture and more sweetness.

37. Hayward Kiwi

Hayward kiwi is a kiwi fruit with an oval shape, smooth golden-brown skin, and emerald-green flesh. It is native to China, where it has been eaten for centuries. 

This grapefruit-like fruit enjoys international recognition today and is popular in many countries, including North America, Japan, and New Zealand.

The Hayward kiwi has a tart taste that produces a unique flavor reminiscent of cherries mixed with pears and bananas when ripe. 

Although not as sweet as other types of kiwi fruits, the Hayward retains its tartness even after ripening.

It contains more fiber than most other varieties and has more essential minerals than other types of fruits, such as oranges and apples.

This makes it an excellent source of nutrition despite its small size, making it ideal for snacking or adding to salads for extra crunch and flavor.

38. Red Beauty Arctic Beauty Kiwi

The Red Beauty Arctic Beauty Kiwi is a unique type of kiwi fruit from the Arctic region.

This special variety of kiwi is noted for its bright red color and intense sweet-tart flavor.

It also has a thin but firm skin with plenty of edible seeds, making it a great choice for adding a crunchy texture to salads or smoothies. 

The Red Beauty Arctic Beauty has a higher nutrient content than other types of kiwis, including more Vitamin C, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.

In addition to being enjoyed as an appetizer or snack, this unusual kiwi can be served in various dishes such as desserts, salsas, pies, sorbets, and jams.

Its flavor also makes it an excellent addition to cocktails and drinks.

39. Rossana Italian Kiwi

The Rossana Italian Kiwi is a type of kiwi fruit that has gained popularity recently due to its unique flavor and texture.

This kiwi features a sweet-tart flavor, creamy texture, and bright yellow color. 

The Rossana Italian Kiwi is native to the Mediterranean region and has been grown for centuries.

It is smaller than other types of kiwi fruits available on the market today and can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

This little fruit gem is nutritious with higher Vitamin C levels than oranges! Its popularity is well-earned thanks to its unique taste and high nutritional value making it well worth adding to your diet.

40. Issai Kiwi 

Issai kiwi is also on our list of different types of kiwi fruits found in semi-tropical climates and regions of Japan, Korea, Russia, and Northern China.

This hardy variety was first discovered in 1892 and has since become one of the most desired varieties due to its unique flavor, dark greenish coloring, and texture. 

The Issai kiwi is small but sweet with moderate tartness and acidity compared to other types of Kiwifruit. It also delivers a succulent, juicy texture that many people find delicious. 

In addition to their traditional uses as snack fruit or in recipes such as salads and desserts, they are now used to make drinks such as smoothies and spritzers and snacks like jams and jellies.

The flesh has an intense, vibrant taste, perfect for sweet and savory dishes. 

The best way to enjoy Issai kiwis is to pick them when they are ripe, generally between August through October each year, depending on climatic conditions, then refrigerate them until ready to use them.

Once your Issai kiwi fruits come from the refrigerator, it’s a great time to enjoy their special juicy sweetness!

41. Ken’s Red Kiwi

Ken’s Red Kiwi is a special type of kiwi fruit developed by Australian farmer Ken Dundas.

It has an intensely sweet flavor and creamy texture, with a beautiful deep red-orange color.

Enjoy this delicious kiwi as an alternative to traditional green kiwis, especially for those with a sweet tooth! 

Its softer texture makes eating easier and adds a delicious twist to salads, smoothies, and more.

Ken’s Red Kiwi is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C – making this superfruit a healthy choice for any diet.

Whether eaten raw or cooked, Ken’s Red Kiwi is sure to add some extra zing that only this unique fruit can provide!

42. Natasha Russian Kiwi

Natasha Russian Kiwi is an amazing new type of kiwi fruit that has become popular recently.

The skin of this variety is thin, smooth, and fuzzy like a baby’s hair, while its flesh is tender, juicy, and tart with a hint of sweetness.

It has many benefits, like being rich in vitamin C, dietary fibers, potassium, and antioxidants. 

Natasha Russian Kiwis have a higher sugar content than regular Kiwi fruits, making them sweeter. Its distinct flavor makes it the perfect addition to any meal or snack.

Whether adding it to your favorite green smoothie or baking it into muffins, Natasha Russian Kiwis will add a delicious flavor to almost anything!

43. Geneva Hardy Kiwi

Geneva Hardy Kiwi is a kiwi fruit formally known as Actinidia arguta. It has quickly become the most popular type of kiwi available due to its sweet taste and incredible health benefits.

The Geneva Hardy Kiwi is a long green fuzzy-skinned fruit closely related to the much larger common supermarket variety kiwis but only grows up to three inches in length.

It’s sweet and juicy with a creamy texture and subtle hints of honeydew melon and raspberry.

The skin can be eaten if desired and contains more antioxidants than other types of kiwi fruits. 

It’s an important crop for home gardeners and commercial growers, who increasingly use natural production practices such as crop rotation, companion planting, hand weeding, mulching, composting, and drip irrigation systems to maximize nutrient profiles without sacrificing yield or quality. 

A great benefit from eating Geneva Hardy Kiwis is that they are packed with vitamin C, potassium, and beta carotene – all key components for protecting your heart health.

In addition to these vitamins and minerals, Geneva contains flavonoids proven to reduce inflammation and protect against cancerous cells forming in your body.

Finally, this fruit has no fat or cholesterol, making it ideal for those looking to reduce their fat intake while maintaining their overall health.

44. Andrey Hardy, Male Russian Kiwi

The Andrey Hardy Male Russian Kiwi is last on our list of different types of kiwi fruits grown across Russia, Ukraine, and most countries located in the temperate climate regions of the world.

It is considered one of the most delicious breeds of kiwis due to its juicy and sweet taste. Here is more information about this special variety of kiwi: 

The Andrey Hardy Male Russian Kiwi is a species of temperate kiwifruit with an oval-shaped body and light-green skin dotted with brown specks.

It has fine hairs on its surface and contains edible seeds, giving it a unique crunchy texture.

This variety of kiwifruit is considered sweeter than other types due to its higher sugar content, giving it an intense flavor and aroma. 

Regarding nutritional value, the Andrey Hardy Male Russian Kiwi provides many dietary benefits, including fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C for good health.

The high levels of antioxidants found in the kiwifruit also help to protect against certain types of cancers by fighting off free radicals responsible for causing cell damage.

It is also rich in Vitamin E, which helps keep skin healthy and look younger for longer periods when consumed regularly. 

Overall, the Andrey Hardy Male Russian Kiwi is considered one of the best-tasting different kiwi fruits due to its perfect balance between sweet and tart notes and its healthy nutritional profile, making it an ideal choice for snacking or incorporating into smoothies or salads.


Kiwi is one of the most popular fruits globally, with wide varieties. There are several different types of kiwi fruits, each with its distinct flavor and texture. So which variety should you choose? 

Kiwi has been a favorite among fruit lovers for years. It’s easy to see why: sweet, tangy, nutritious, and flavorful.

Kiwifruit comes in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone! 

Finding the different types of kiwi fruits for you can be tricky. Each variety has its characteristics, taste, texture, and health benefits; we shall look further into these traits in this conclusion on types of kiwi fruit.

Once you have found the right variety, it will make all the difference when adding to your smoothies or other dishes, making them a healthy yet tasty treat!

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