7 Different Types of Ice Cubes

Different types of Ice

There are different types of ice varying wildly in shape and size. Not all ice is equal. Some of the ice is round; some ice is a cube. Some ice is easy to chew, and some melt slowly.

Furthermore, ice is an essential ingredient in making a drink cold, and each ice is best suited for a particular purpose.

Although all ice creates different types of a product fantastic, these types of ice generally have various features that make them suitable for specific purposes.

While some ice is ideal for cooling beverages, some are well suited for preservation and displaying purposes.

However, each type has its benefits, whether serving drinks or displaying food. So finding the correct kind of ice for your application will give your customer a good customer experience and help you save money.

Furthermore, all ice is ice, but while adding a block of ice to a drink, be very careful so that the ice does not water the drink down. So, properly using a block of ice is essential when using a cube of ice.

Here’s a short article on the different types of ice that we have.

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1. Regular Cube

Regular is one of the different types of ice that is the most common ice cube. This type of ice is also the most standard of all kinds of ice, and you have probably used this type of ice over a million times.

Regular ice cubes are commonly found in a commercial setting, especially in restaurants and bars.

Furthermore, this type of ice is the best for large volume applications like bagging ice, and they are ideal for soft drinks and mixed drinks. This type of ice cube can be crushed into pieces, and you will always enjoy it in juices and teas.

This type of ice also fits into most glasses. Regular cube is suitable for bagging ice for sale at grocery stores. They are easy to bag, and they meet slowly compared to other shapes.

However, if you want to make your drink look as good as it tastes, you can use your ice to cool your mixture in a cocktail mixer before pouring it into a clean glass with a nice ice cube.

Furthermore, a regular cube is handy for home use in icing down sprained ankles and relieving headaches.

2. Full cube

Full cube is one of the different types of ice known as Dice ice, and they are very classic for use in serving water, tea, and soda. Like the regular ice cube, a full cube also has a slow melting rate so that it won’t water down drink quickly.

Furthermore, this type of cube provides a clean look to your drink. They are the best for ice bagging and dispensing, and they offer a clean look due to their uniform shape and size.

Furthermore, they give maximum cooling reducing ice consumption and saving you money.

3. Nugget ice

Nugget ice is one of the different ice types known as pellet ice, tubular nugget ice, pebble ice, or sonic ice. They are characterized by their softness, making them easy to chew and hard enough to dispense.

Because of this versatility and the fact that they can cling to flavors, many people love nugget ice.

Furthermore, Nugget ice is best for soft, cold, and blended drinks like frozen cocktails. This type of ice is found in healthcare facilities, restaurants, bars, and stores. However, they melt quickly, the reason why people can chew this ice on its own.

4. Half cube

Half cube is also known as Half dice or small cube. They are conveniently sized, feature a solid build, and contain nearly a 100% ice-to-water ratio.

Furthermore, they are best for ice bagging and self-service dispensing. These types of ice are also suitable for soft drinks, mixed drinks, and blended drinks.

Half cube ice is also considered a block of ice for universal applications. These types of ice are in the kitchens, restaurants, bars, and stores.

They melt moderately and are incredibly versatile in application. They also do not water down quickly, thereby producing maximum cooling.

5. Crescent Ice

Crescent ice is characterized by having a distant half-moon shape, which allows it to fill the glass. They also have a solid build.

Furthermore, this ice is considered suitable for ice bagging and dispensing. These types of ice are also ideal for soft drinks and mixed drinks.

They are ideal in most commercial kitchens, restaurants, bars, and stores. They melt slowly; However, the shape of crescent ice creates exceptional liquid displacement and easy flow as customer enjoys their beverage.

They are a tad harder to crush due to their rounded edges.

6. Gourmet ice

Gourmet ice is one of the different types of ice called Top Hat ice or octagon-shaped ice. They have a unique octagon or cylindrical shape, and they nearly contain a nearly 100% ice – to- water ratio.

Furthermore, they are ideal in upscale restaurants, bars, and banquet halls. The ice is also best for high-end liquors or old-fashioned serving drinks.

They met slowly, and the ice’s unique shape and large size make it effectively cools for drinks, and they also offer an eye-catching presentation. They also don’t melt quickly.

7. Crushed ice

Crushed ice is one of the different types of ice that comes out in a refrigerator. Most refrigerators generally come with two different types of ice: cubed and crushed.

If your refrigerator doesn’t have a crushed ice option, the best tactic is to wrap freezer ice in a clean towel and carefully break it into pieces with a mallet or meat tenderizer. You’ll also find this fluffy and slushy ice in fountain machines.

Furthermore, a block of Crushed ice is perfect for solid slushy cocktails that you need to dilute more, like juleps, cobblers, and tiki drinks.

Crushed ice is a type of ice that many believe is better than the other different types of ice for frozen drinks because it won’t clog the blade of your blender.

Now that you know a little more about different types of ice and their applications. You might want to try them in your drinks and see a noticeable difference.

Have you not thought that maybe a lemonade is better served with large cubes. Perhaps you can give ice nuggets a shot.

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  1. It’s great that you pointed out how regular cubed ice has a large volume of applications like bagging ice, and is ideal for soft drinks and mixed drinks. My friends and I are going camping next weekend and we are currently buying all the things we need for the camp. We’d also need a lot of ice for the trip so I’d like to order some on the day of the camp.

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