10 Different Types of Guava

Different Types of Guava
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Guavas are nutritious fruits with high nutrients, but there are different types of guava, and each type has unique usefulness.

Their flesh colors often classify them, and they usually have different textures and tastes. This article will help you know its types and unique characteristics to meet your needs.

1. Red Malaysian Guava

This is the most common type of guava in Malaysia. It is a small fruit that grows 1-2 inches long. Its skin color ranges from red to orange, while its flesh is white or pinkish. The taste is sweet and sour, and it is suitable for digestion.

2. Green Guava

The green guava is also known as “guanabana” and is one of the most popular types of guava in Latin America. It is smaller than the red variety and grows 2-3 inches long. Its skin is dark green, while its flesh is light green. It is very juicy and contains a lot of vitamin C.

3. Mexican Cream Guava

It is similar to the green guava, except it has a creamier texture. It is found mainly in Mexico and Central America. It is slightly larger than the other two varieties, growing up to 4 inches long. The skin is yellowish, and the flesh is creamy white.

4. Red Indian Guava

Among the different types of guava, this species is native to Florida. It is a medium-sized fruit that grows up to 3 inches long. Its skin changes from pale to deep red when ripe. Its flesh varies from white to pinkish.

5. Lemon Guava

Lemon guava is a kind of guava related to strawberry guava. In contrast, this guava is a golden fruit with a yellow flesh and a distinct flavor.

It smells like a combination of lemon and guava. Guava is a native of Brazil that flourishes in the subtropics.

Also, it is three to five centimeters in diameter, and the tree has white blossoms. Lemon guava tastes great, both raw and cooked, and we can find them in frozen desserts, smoothies, and tropical fruit salads.

6. Strawberry Guava

Strawberry guava is another specie among the types of guava. This guava has a distinct strawberry flavor that makes it enjoyable to eat. IIt has crimson or pink flesh, and we can find it in the summer. However, we can find it all year in tropical areas.

7. Tropical White Guava

The yellow skin of white guava hides a soft, sweet fruit. It smells good, and the inside is white and creamy. The tropical white guava is native to southern Mexico, but it has spread to the Pacific tropics, Asia, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Hawaii, India, and Africa.

Also, this tree has white flowers with a feathery stamen. And it grows best in subtropical climates where the soil is not too dry or too wet.

8. Detwiler Guava

Detwiler guava is rare among the types of guava. It has yellow flesh, making it unique. Also, it is large and has a firm texture.

9. Pineapple Guava

Feijoa sellowiana is another name for pineapple guava. Southern Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, and eastern Paraguay is home to the pineapple guava tree.

Also, jams, desserts, salads, and pies all benefit from the pineapple guava. We can consume it uncooked, and the purple and white blossoms on the tree are also tasty.

10. Sweet White Indonesian Guava

This guava is a cross between the Asian guava and the American guava. It is grown in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Sweet white guavas have a milder flavor than their counterparts, and they grow well in warm weather. They are usually eaten fresh, but they can be used in cooking.


Guava is a delicious fruit that comes in many varieties. There are many ways to use guava in our daily lives. For example, we can make guava jam or jelly, add it to smoothies, or even bake it into cakes. But most importantly, we should enjoy eating guava as much as possible because it is healthy. 2xbgodm52w

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