17 Different Types of Gravy

Different Types of Gravy
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Gravy, that savory topping that blankets chicken, turkey, and other delicious meats, can be an excellent way to boost the flavor of your meal.

But there are so many different kinds of gravy, with flavors ranging from sweet to savory to spicy to bold—not to mention all the creative names they go by!

It’s easy to get lost among all the options. We’re here to help you sort it out with this comprehensive guide to the different types of gravy.

1. Redeye Ham Gravy

Redeye Ham Gravy
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Redeye gravy is a type of gravy made from the drippings of ham that have been cooked with coffee. It is popular in the Southern United States and is typically served over biscuits.

This gravy gets its name from the coffee’s red color. It can be used as a dipping sauce for fried chicken or other pieces of fried pork. 

There are two variations on this gravy: one uses black coffee, while the other uses robusta beans. In both cases, these ingredients are cooked until they form a thickened sauce with an intense flavor.

Some prefer the black coffee version because it contains less acidity than robusta beans which means it will not curdle milk or scrambled eggs when added.

2. Cornmeal Gravy

This is among the different types of gravy popular in the southern United States and is made with cornmeal, fat, water, and seasonings.

It’s thick and creamy and pairs well with fried chicken or pork chops. To make cornmeal gravy, start by whisking together cornmeal and water.

Then, add this mixture to a hot pan containing fat (bacon grease is traditional) and cook until thickened—Finally, season to taste with salt, pepper, and any other desired spices.

3. Chocolate Gravy 

Everyone knows about chocolate gravy. It’s that delicious, silky smooth sauce made from cocoa powder, milk, sugar, and a little bit of flour to thicken.

But did you know there are different types of gravy? Yes, indeed! Here are just a few of the most popular variations Chocolate pecan gravy is sweetened with honey instead of white sugar.

Chocolate balsamic vinegar is mellow and savory. Darker beers can make for a stout or porter-flavored version of this classic dish.

If none seem appetizing to you, then good news – any type can be made by adding some brown sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, molasses, or other dark syrups like maple syrup! There are so many varieties out there waiting to be discovered.

4. Redeye Roast Beef Gravy

If you find some extra beef drippings, don’t let them go to waste! Use them to make delicious gravy. To make redeye gravy, combine the beef drippings with water and coffee. Season to taste with salt and pepper. 

This gravy is perfect for pouring over roast beef or mashed potatoes. You can also use it as a dipping sauce for french fries or fried chicken. 

5. Brown Gravy

Brown gravy typically consists of three ingredients—flour, butter, and pan drippings from roasted meat (usually beef). To prepare this type of gravy, mix flour with some liquid in a pan until it becomes thick before adding browned butter and cooking out any lumps. Add your desired spices after removing them from the heat.

6. Tomato Gravy  

Tomato gravy is among the different types of gravy made from tomatoes. It is commonly used in Italian and American cuisine.

There are many different ways to make tomato gravy, but the most common method is to cook tomatoes down into a sauce. Tomato gravy can be used on pasta, chicken, or beef dishes. 

Tomato gravy is a type of gravy made from tomatoes. Simmering tomatoes are usually made in water or stock until they are soft, and then puree them.

Tomato gravy can be used as a sauce for pasta, meat, or vegetables. It can also be used as a base for other gravies or sauces.

7. Sawmill Gravy  

Sawmill gravy is a type of gravy made from meat drippings. It is popular in the southern United States and is often served over biscuits. Sawmill gravy is typically made with pork sausage but can also be made with beef or chicken. The gravy is thickened with flour and usually has a dark color.

8. Shiner Gravy  

Shiner gravy is one of the different types of gravy that originates from Texas. It is usually made with beer and beef broth, which gives it its distinctive flavor.

As it’s mixed, salt and pepper are added along with onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, cayenne pepper flakes, and some sugar for sweetness. Shiner gravy goes well on anything, including fries, cornbread muffins, or even a breakfast biscuit sandwich!

9. Shrimp Gravy   

Shrimp gravy is a type of gravy made from shrimp and other ingredients. The most common ingredients in shrimp gravy include shrimp, butter, flour, milk, and seasonings. Shrimp gravy is often served over rice or pasta.

Shrimp gravy is a delicious way to add flavor to your meal. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about different types of shrimp gravy to make the perfect dish for your next dinner.

10. Cream Gravy 

Cream gravy is one of the most versatile and delicious types of gravy out there. It can be made with milk, cream, or even sour cream and can be flavored with anything from herbs to spices. Plus, it’s super easy to make! Here’s a quick rundown on how to make different types of cream gravy

11. Salt Pork and Milk Gravy  

Gravy is one of those things that can make or break a dish. And while there are many different types of gravy, they all have one common goal: to make your food taste better.

Salt Pork and Milk Gravy are two types of gravy that differ in preparation and consistency. To create Salt Pork and Milk Gravy, you need salt pork, butter, milk, and flour for thickening.

Once these ingredients have been cooked on low heat for 20 minutes with occasional stirring until it becomes browned and has a nutty flavor, this mixture will be used as the base for the sauce. This is done by adding more milk as needed to create the desired thickness.

The sauce is creamy but not too thick, making it perfect for any fried potatoes, including scalloped or mashed potatoes!

12. Chicken Gravy  

Chicken gravy is one of the different types of gravy that is most versatile and delicious out there. It can be used on everything from mashed potatoes to chicken pot pie.

And it’s easy to make! Here’s a guide to the different types of chicken gravy that you can whip up in your kitchen today.

Mock Chicken Gravy – In case you’re unable to get hold of any chicken for whatever reason, mock chicken gravy is an excellent substitute. It would be best if you had milk, flour, and butter to start this dish.

Once those ingredients are heated together, add the milk slowly while stirring until the desired consistency has been reached before adding salt and pepper to taste. 

13. Creamed Tuna Gravy

To make cream tuna gravy, you need milk, flour, and butter, like the mock chicken gravy above. This time, use canned tuna instead of cooked chicken breast and cornstarch mixed with water instead of flour for thickening purposes. That’s all there is to it!

14. Hamburger Gravy  

There are many different types of gravy, but hamburger gravy is one of the most versatile. It can be used on everything from mashed potatoes to chicken-fried steak.

And it’s easy to make, too! Just brown some ground beef and onions, then add some flour and beef broth. Season to taste with salt and pepper, and you’re done! 

Here are a few other ways to use your delicious creation:

  • In Place of Cream Sauce for a Chicken Dish: If you’re cooking up a dish that needs cream sauce (like Chicken Tetrazzini), skip the cream sauce step altogether and instead pour in some hamburger gravy. 
  • In Place of Brown Gravy for Pot Roast or Braised Short Ribs: Use this meatier version in place of brown gravy when making pot roast or braised short ribs. To Add Depth & Flavor to Baked Beans, Chilis, & Stews: Stir in a tablespoon or two into dishes like baked beans, chilis, and stews for extra depth and flavor.

15. Chili Gravy  

Chili gravy is a type of gravy made with chili peppers and other spices. It is commonly used in Tex-Mex and Southwestern cuisine.

Chili gravy can be made with either red or green chili peppers, typically served over enchiladas, tacos, or rice. When green chilies are used, it is sometimes called salsa Roja instead of chili gravy. Other names for this style of gravy include salsa ranchera and salsa verde.

16. White Gravy 

White gravy is another variety that features one of the different types of gravy. The white sauce usually consists of milk, flour, butter, salt, pepper, onion powder, and other spices.

Adding milk makes this a thinner dish than most others on this list. White sauce is often seen on biscuits for breakfast but also appears as one option for Thanksgiving stuffing recipes.

17. Red Wine Beef Gravy

Red wine beef gravy may be another choice if you’re looking for something new among the different types of gravy you can make at home. Red wine beef gravy consists mainly of brown sugar or honey mixed with red wine and beef broth or stock until the desired consistency has been reached.


When it comes to gravy, there are seemingly endless possibilities. Whether you want a classic gravy made with beef or chicken stock or something more adventurous like pumpkin spice gravy, there’s a recipe for you. 

With so many types of gravy available, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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