18 Different Types of Grapes

Different Types of Grapes
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When most people think of grapes, they think of fresh fruit on the vine or juice in a carton. What you may not realize, however, is that grapes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes beyond the two most common forms, red and green.

However, here are the different types of grapes that you need to know about and the different ways you can use them to enhance your culinary creations.

Table of Contents

  1. Pinot Noir Grape
  2. Sweet Jubilee Grape
  3. Moon Drops Grapes
  4. Muscadine Grapes
  5. Koshu Grapes
  6. Cotton Candy Grapes
  7. Riesling Grapes 
  8. Red Globe Grapes
  9. Niagara Grapes
  10. Centennial Grapes
  11. Concord Grapes
  12. Gewürztraminer Grapes
  13. Zinfandel Grapes 
  14. Merlot Grapes
  15. Black Muscat Grapes
  16. Thompson Seedless Grapes
  17. Valiant Grapes
  18. Kyoho Grapes

Pinot Noir Grape

Pinot Noir is a red wine grape that is grown in cooler climates. It is a different thin-skinned grape type, making it challenging to grow in warm weather.

The grape produces wines that are light-bodied and have fruity flavors. Pinot Noir wines are typically dry with moderate acidity levels. 

Moreover, the grape is used to make red and white wines, although it is most commonly associated with red wine production.

Pinot Noir wines are often aged in oak barrels before being bottled and sold. The grape is named after the French word for pine because the shape of the grape clusters resembles that of a pinecone.

Sweet Jubilee Grape

Jubilee grapes are different types of grapes, a type of table grape known for its sweetness. The grape was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Robert E. Pond and is a hybrid of two other grapes, the Thompson Seedless and the Concord. Nevertheless, Jubilee grapes are large, round, and have a deep purple color. They are often used in jams, jellies, and pies because of their high sugar content. Additionally, they can be eaten raw but typically require peeling.

Moon Drops Grapes

Moon Drops grapes are small, oval-shaped grapes with thin skin. They have a sweet, slightly tart flavor and are often used in desserts or eaten as a snack. 

Muscadine Grapes

Muscadine grapes are large, round grapes with thick skin. They have a sweet, musky flavor and are often used in winemaking.

Koshu Grapes

Hailing from Japan, Koshu grapes are white wine grapes known for their delicate flavor and floral aroma. The grapes are often used in blends but can also be made into a standalone varietal wine.

If you’re looking for light and refreshing different types of grapes, Koshu grapes should be at the top of your list.

Also, look out for Riesling or Chenin Blanc as they are similar types of wine grapes with subtle flavors. Chardonnay is another variety of white wine grapes you might like if you want something with a little more body than those mentioned above.

For red wines, Pinot Noir is the most popular choice on this list, with Shiraz coming in second place.

Cotton Candy Grapes

As the name suggests, these different types of grapes taste like cotton candy! They’re super sweet and have a delicate, crisp texture.

Cotton candy grapes are a hybrid of two grape varieties: Vitis vinifera (the traditional wine grape) and Muscadinia rotundifolia (a North American native grape).

Although, there’s no need to feel guilty about indulging in these candy-like fruits because they’re low in calories and high in antioxidants. If you can’t find them at your local grocery store, they can be ordered online from Amazon or Walmart.

Riesling Grapes 

Riesling grapes are initially from the Rhine region in Germany. These different types of grapes are also grown in Alsace, Austria, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States.

Riesling grapes are used to make white wine. The flavor of Riesling wine can range from sweet to dry. A good Riesling is crisp with pleasant acidity. These wines are typically made for drinking young, but some varieties can age very well. 

However, as a general rule, try to drink Rieslings within five years of their vintage date. Rieslings will pair well with lighter dishes like sushi or other seafood dishes; however, they are also great paired with poultry dishes or spicy food.

Red Globe Grapes

A type of table grape, Red Globe grapes are large and round with a thick skin. They’re firm and have a mildly sweet flavor with acidity. They’re often used in fruit salads and for making wine and jelly. 

Also, It’s a great variety if you like tart flavors or want something different than the usual red or green types of grapes.

Niagara Grapes

A hardy bunch grape, the Niagara is large and round with a thin skin. It’s most commonly found in white wines but can also be used to make red and blush wines. The Niagara grape is named after the Niagara River and grows well in cool climates.

In terms of wine production, it is considered an early-ripening grape that needs little time on the vine before being harvested.

Wine made from this grape has fruity flavors and crisp acidity, leaving you wanting more of different types of grapes.

Centennial Grapes

The Centennial grape is a white wine grape known for its high acidity. It is often used in blends, as it can add a nice zesty note to the wine.

Another everyday use for these different types of grapes is to make sweeter wines, such as dessert wines and sparkling wines. This grape seems popular in France, often made into a sweet muscat wine. 

In addition, some people think that centennial grapes are related to Muscat grapes, but they are not sure how they got their name.

Whether or not these two grapes are related has yet to be proven, but one thing is certain – the centennial grape makes excellent wines!

Concord Grapes

A native North American grape, the Concord is one of the most widely cultivated grapes in the United States. The Concord grape is a small, dark-blue grape with thick skin.

The grape’s flesh is sweet and juicy, with a slightly tart flavor. Concord grapes are used to make juice, jam, and jelly. 

Moreover, they are also used in some wines. It’s grown commercially in California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It’s often used as a table grape for fresh eating or juicing different grape types.

Gewürztraminer Grapes

Gewürztraminer grapes are white wine grapes native to the Alto Adige region of Italy. These different types of grapes are known for their intense floral and spice aromas and lychee flavor.

Gewürztraminer grapes are used to make dry, off-dry, and sweet wines. Similarly, the grape is also used in the production of sparkling wine and ice wine.

Gewürztraminer wines are typically high in acidity and have moderate alcohol content. These wines pair well with spicy foods, cheese, and fruits.

Zinfandel Grapes 

Zinfandel grapes are one of the most popular different types of grapes in the world. They’re used to make red wine, and they’re known for their bold flavor. Meanwhile, Zinfandel is an excellent option if you’re looking for a grape packed with flavor.

Merlot Grapes

Merlot grapes are another type of grape that’s often used to make red wine. They’re known for being softer and more approachable than other types of red wine grapes. However, Merlot is excellent for different types of grapes if you’re new to drinking red wine.

Black Muscat Grapes

A type of table grape, the Black Muscat has a thin skin and large, seedless berries. The flesh is sweet and juicy with a floral aroma. These different types of grapes

are often used in wine production and can also be eaten fresh or made into jam. Nevertheless, Some people use them for juicing, making cocktails, or eating as a dessert.

Thompson Seedless Grapes

Thompson Seedless grapes are the most common type of grape in the world. They’re named after William Thompson, who introduced them to California in 1849.

Thompson Seedless grapes are green or red, and sometimes both colors can be found on the same bunch. These different types of grapes are used to make raisins, table wine, and juice, among other things.

Nevertheless, Thompson Seedless grapes are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of special care. They’re versatile grapes that can be used in several different ways. Thompson Seedless is a good choice if you’re looking for a grape that’s easy to find and use.

Valiant Grapes

A type of table grape, the Valiant grape is large and firm with a thick skin. It’s a versatile grape that can be eaten fresh, used in jams or jellies, or made into wine. The Valiant grape is also known as the superman of grapes because of its high levels of antioxidants. 

Mainly, when you eat these grapes, they will lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and other age-related diseases. For those who are allergic to gluten, gluten-free varieties are available at many grocery stores today.

Kyoho Grapes

A type of black grape, Kyoho grapes are large and round with thick skin. They’re often used in winemaking and are known for their sweet, concord-like flavor. Kyoho, a different type of grape, is native to Japan.

Nonetheless, kyoho has grown in other countries, like China and South Korea. They’re prevalent in many parts of the world, typically used for table grapes and winemaking.


There are many different types of grapes, each with its unique flavor and characteristics. Some of the most popular varieties include cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and Merlot.

Other less well-known but equally delicious grapes include riesling, pinot noir, and Zinfandel. Finally, no matter what your taste preferences are, there is sure to be a grape (or several) that you will love.

So next time you are at the store or out at a restaurant, take a chance on a new type of grape. And see where it takes your taste buds! You may find your new favorite wine in the process.

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