37 Different Types of Drinking Glasses

Different Types of Drinking Glasses

Drinking is about the experience as much as the different types of drinking glasses you hold.

The appropriate drinking glasses can make all the difference in terms of enjoying your enjoyment to the utmost. 

Some glasses have a small mouth to preserve the aroma, while others have a long stem to keep the beverage from warming up due to body heat. 

Each of the different types of drinking glasses is intended to improve the beverage, and they do so.

However, it might be challenging to keep track of the several available glasses, given the range of drinks available.

The various drinking glasses are listed here for the greatest looks and tastes.

1. Low Ball

This is the first on our list of different types of drinking glasses. Old Fashioned glass is another name for a lowball glass. A lowball glass has a fairly thick base and is short but filled. The vast surface area that the thick base produces helps mixed drinks stay blended.

The lowball glass is commonly used to enjoy alcohol in a “neat” manner. This indicates that alcohol is not combined with other liquids. It contains nothing but pure, concentrated goodness.

2. Highball

A tall, wide glass is called a highball glass. It is frequently mistaken for the Collins Glass, although this one is designed to be shorter and wider.

Drinks are poured over a tower of ice and served in a highball glass. These drinks contain a larger non-alcoholic content than other drinks. Incredibly popular drinks, such as Bloody Mary or a Mojito, are served in a highball glass.

3. Cocktail

Cocktail glasses have an inverted cone form. Despite being short, the glass has a wide mouth. Cocktails are served in this glass and contain intriguing flavor combinations and fragrances.

Your nose may get as close to the drink as possible because of the full-mouth design. You can then take pleasure in the cocktail’s flavor and aroma. Although some have long stems, stemless glasses are becoming more popular.

4. Martini

This is the next on our list of different types of drinking glasses. Traditionally, martinis were served in highball or cocktail glasses. However, martinis changed over time to now contain a sizable amount of vodka. The martini glass was created to accommodate this new martini properly.

It has an inverted cone shape, so it is comparable to a cocktail glass. But unlike a pure cocktail glass, the martini glass has a much larger bowl and a very pointed end to its cone form.

5. Margarita

Another example of a specialty beverage is a margarita. Like a cocktail glass, a margarita glass features a fairly broad mouth and a cone that narrows into a second, much thinner section at the narrow end.

Despite being intended specifically for margaritas, these different drinking glasses are no longer often used. Because these distinctive qualities do not go well with other beverages and increase the amount of dishwashing required, margaritas are now frequently served in other glasses, such as a lowball or a pint glass.

6. Irish Coffee

There is a specific glass called an Irish coffee glass for hot beverages. As the name implies, this comprises hot whisky (whisky mixed with honey and warm water) or an Irish coffee.

This glass’ handle is positioned thoughtfully at the lower side of the glass, making it a microwave-safe glass in most cases (always double-check the manufacturer’s labels). This glass is composed of heat-resistant glass. This feature lets you enjoy your hot beverage while holding the glass gently.

7. Snifter

This is the next on our list of different types of drinking glasses. Typically, amber alcoholic beverages like whisky or brandy are served in snifter glasses. The bowl of a snifter glass is full, allowing for simple swirling of the beverage. The short stem of the snifter glass allows the person holding it to warm the drink.

The bowl is wide, but it narrows to a rather narrow mouth as it approaches the end. The purpose of this function is to preserve the beverage’s aroma. You can conveniently use both the potent aroma and the flavor of the alcohol in this way.

8. Whisky

Whisk glasses are the smallest yet widest of the different types of drinking glasses. A whisky glass is specially made to accentuate all the sophisticated flavors whisky is famous for. These days, juice glasses are frequently interchangeable.

Lowball glasses’ extensive tumbler design has been carried over to whisky glasses to display the whiskey’s color and aroma. However, the mouth is tapered to reduce size, making drinking more pleasant.

9. Goblet

The term “chalice” is also occasionally used to refer to a goblet glass, albeit incorrectly. This is the next on our list of different types of drinking glasses that have a more medieval aesthetic and frequently have elaborate decorations, while basic designs are also available.

The goblet glass’s thickness serves to maintain the beverage’s temperature. It is suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

10. Collins

This is the next on our list of different types of drinking glasses. As the name suggests, a Collins glass serves mixed cocktails like Tom Collins or John Collins. Despite having the appearance of a highball glass, a Collins glass is higher and narrower.

Approximately 410 milliliters of liquid can fit inside a cylindrical Collins glass. They frequently provide iced tea and vodka as an Arnold Palmer.

11. Hurricane

Pat O’Brien, a tavern proprietor in New Orleans, created this glass in 1940. The first glass he used to serve the concoction was shaped like a hurricane light.

As a result, the hurricane glass—the drink and the glass it was served in—became famous. This is curved glass that has a capacity of twenty ounces. Serving mixed cocktails, particularly the Hurricane, is done with it.

12. Pint

Although some are more cylindrical, like the traditional pint glass, pint glasses are typically tall and conical. Despite having a more bulbous body and a very small outward flare at the lip, the tulip glass is still a pint in size.

They are stemless. They are clear so you can see your beverage, wide at the top to retain a foamy head, and hold exactly one pint of liquid. These different types of drinking glasses serve three basic functions. They’re ideal for water and soda but are primarily used for beer.

13. Tumbler

A tumbler and a pint are extremely similar; however, a tumbler could have non-smooth characteristics around 3/5 of the way down. The glasses are identical to pints except for the flat ridges that make them easier to grasp.

These are commonly used to serve any drink at home and in restaurants. Sometimes, they are transparent glass; other times, they are colored plastic. They are most likely the most popular variety of drinking glasses on the market.

14. Rocks

These are short and not particularly voluminous, making them comparable to whisky glasses. They are sized in between shot glasses and whisky glasses.

The advantage is that they are less likely to topple over, can hold enough liquid for whisky, and can also fit ice. The bigger mouth makes it possible to sip the beverage in one pour.

15. Juice

This is the next on our list of different types of drinking glasses. Naturally, these are made for serving juice, like freshly squeezed orange juice for the morning. They are not very tall (no more than 5 inches) or large in diameter, reducing sugar consumption.

Certain pubs and restaurants may substitute these for low-ball or rock glasses, depending on the image they wish to convey to their patrons. Nobody appears to care if they can hold the customary 4 to 7 ounces of fluids.

16. Zombie

These were initially intended to serve the Zombie, a unique beverage. Because of their tall, slender look with straight lines and increasing opacity as you move to the bottom, they have a highly posh and sophisticated appearance.

Even when they are clear, as they often are because they aren’t usually frosted, their sleek 7-inch height reveals the elegance of the 13.5 ounces of beverage inside. They exude a distinct aura of individuality since they are higher than the majority of other styles of drinking glasses. If you like, you can also frost your glass.

17. Sling

Like the Zombie, the Sling is tall and thin but more tapered at the bottom, ending in a meal nearly the same diameter as the glass’s mouth. These are used to serve Long Island Iced Tea.

Your party guests will feel elegant thanks to the slender base above the foot that makes them pleasant to handle. The wide foot makes them much less prone to topple over when a table is bumped.

18. Poco Grande

At first glance, the Poco Grande glass and the Hurricane are identical, but if you put them side by side, you’d see that the Poco Grande’s stem is higher and its bowl is wider but shallower. Otherwise, they are identical.

These stylish different types of drinking glasses are perfect for women. Because the stems insulate the drinker’s hands, the beverage stays colder for longer. They look lovely when used as set pieces for your dining room table or on display in a china cabinet.

19. Sour

This is the first on our list of different types of drinking glasses. Take a flute glass made for champagne and vertically compress the cup section. You’re left with the Sour glass, the Delmonico glass. These days, it’s difficult to find and buy these.

These are generally used to serve sour drinks, as the name implies. The drink’s capacity is about 5 ounces because it should be drunk gently to avoid overbearing. A smaller Flute glass is the ideal replacement if you can’t find these.

20. Milkshake

Nothing more than the Milkshake glass brings back pleasant memories of the warm and colorful diners of the 1950s and 1960s, even if you didn’t actually witness them. These tall, classic glasses have exceptionally deep bowls that can fit all different kinds of spoons.

Starting about halfway down the glass, the curves are moderate and end in a large, broad foot with adequate weight to help lower the center of gravity. This is necessary because when whipped cream and cherries are added on top, milkshakes may get quite heavy.

21. Coupe

This is the next on our list of different types of drinking glasses. Any Side Car, Aviation, or Martinez you’ve ever ordered was probably given to you in a Coupe glass. They frequently feature extremely tall, elaborate stems on a broad base, with an even broader cup on top. This broad top is somewhat shallow as well.

They can topple over and spill something even with a wide foot because they have a top-heavy design and a high center of gravity. However, there isn’t much more pleasant glass to hold in your hand while mingling with your guests. A Coupe glass’ bowl resembles bowls you might use to serve or consume food.

22. Nosing

The name of the Nosing glass clearly mentions the human nose. As you take a sip, it is intended to concentrate the mouthwatering aroma of the beverage and waft it into your nostrils. It is a preferred option for whisky enthusiasts who like a more elegant atmosphere than stemless glasses can offer.

The bowl’s base widens out just above the stem to provide a low center of gravity. There is little chance they will topple over because of the large foot and short stem.

23. Cordial

Cordial glasses are similar in size to shot glasses but look more upscale. They are intended for strong, complex beverages that shine through the clear glass.

The base typically has no foot and is a solid color. The top has a little mouth flare, making drinking and pouring more convenient and pleasant. Your bar or dining area will seem incredibly upscale with these after-dinner glasses.

24. Grappa

This is the first on our list of different types of drinking glasses. These different drinking glasses were made with the Grappa beverage in mind. This beverage has a beautiful scent and should be kept at a specified temperature. This glass features a flare at the mouth and a long stem for that reason.

As the middle of the glass constricts, there is less surface area for the aroma to spread throughout. It is a particularly attractive glass, one of the few in which the foot is wider than the mouth, similar to the glass style immediately below.

25. Liqueur

Compared to the Grappa glass, this one has a longer stem, a shorter bowl, and a wider foot. Additionally, the mouth flare is considerably more noticeable. To encourage the consumer to savor each sip, they are made to carry less liquid and offer sweet liqueurs.

Take particular precautions because these can almost certainly break if they are tipped over due to the height and flare of the mouth. They have a somewhat more manly vibe and are quite beautiful.

26. Shot

We’re all familiar with shot glasses. Whisky shots are typically served in this kind of glassware. Although some are straight cylinders rather than slightly tapered cones, the mouth is frequently broader than the base so that they can be piled beneath or above a bar.

These different types of drinking glasses are widely collected and are now offered for sale as souvenirs worldwide. People have display cabinets specifically for this use. However, my mother loves charm bracelets and collector’s spoons.

27. Tankard

In a tankard, beer is often served. Unlike the stein, it is cylindrical, clear, and lacks a lid. It has a noticeable handle that can be used to raise the enormous volume of the drink. The walls are extremely thick to provide insulation and keep the beverage ice cold.

A stein is also available, essentially an elaborate tankard with a lid that can be opened while held by the handle. The tankard is available almost wherever it serves big beers.

28. Tulip Thistle

You might wonder what makes a Thistle different from a Tulip when you first see it, but they are made to sip beer rather than wine. The only noticeable difference is that it curves a little more as it approaches the mouth.

Instead of a beer like a porter, lager, or pilsner, these are intended for beverages like Scottish ales. The design is intended to focus the smell for the drinker as normal.

29. Pokal

These eyeglasses have to be the best design ever. You might be astonished to learn that high-gravity beer is served using the Pokal, which can serve any beverage.

Despite sitting on a stem with a delicate foot, the bowl’s larger bottom and narrower mouth give it a manly appearance. These are perfect for any dinner party and are highly enjoyable for everyone.

30. Pilsner

The Pilsner glass is made for drinking Pilsner beer, a shocker. As the glass tapers down to the base, they resemble pint glasses but have curves. There is also the Footed Pilsner, which has a wider foot and a stronger taper.

The pilsner’s more conical shape, as opposed to the pint’s, makes it simpler to hold and prolongs the preservation of your beverage’s carbonation. You will appreciate it if you sip a lighter beer from it.

31. Weiss

This is the next on our list of different types of drinking glasses. The Weizenbier is comparable to a Pilsner, except that it has a broader portion right before the mouth opens up at a diameter roughly equal to the base and opens up at the base more. Often, they stand a little bit taller than a pint glass.

Despite the numerous angles constructed into them, these have straight lines. The lip is typically inserted with an orange or lime slice so that the liquid and the head may taste the fruit.

32. Crystal

A chalice resembles a goblet glass, except it is shorter and wider at its widest point. They stand on a medium-sized foot and have a short stem. The glass is often clear and thin so you can see the dark beer—such as a stout or porter—it is intended for.

In these, you’ll frequently be given a nicer, higher gravity beer, typically with a very thin head. Despite being difficult to knock over, take care since if they’re made of glass, their thin edges make them likely to break.

33. Sombrero

This amusing alcohol glass, shaped like a sombrero or Mexican hat, is perfect for serving Mexico’s most well-known beverage, the margarita.

Add Tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice to create a Margarita. This is a fantastic summer beverage. Just remember to salt the rim of the glass. The traditional way to serve a margarita is over ice, but you can combine it to make a boozy smoothie.

34. Hurricane

This is the next on our list of different types of drinking glasses. This tall glass is unusual and gorgeous due to its wonderful curve. Tropical beverages go hand in hand with this style of drinking vessel, especially when blended. In a hurricane glass, iced beverages also look lovely as long as they are vibrant.

A few drinks frequently served in this tropical stemware include the Hurricane, Pina Colada, and Blue Lagoon. Of course, with this lovely drinking glass, everything looks and tastes better.

35. Red Wine

Let’s get serious now because the most costly and refined stemware is always made for drinking wine. Red wine glasses are larger than white wine glasses because white wine should be sipped in tiny amounts at cool temps. Although there are stemless wine glasses, the stem is necessary because doing so keeps your hands from overheating the wine. 

36. White Wine

A white wine glass is always a good idea to have around. The strongest sort of drinking glass is a red wine glass. These enormous glasses feature deep vases that can carry more wine. Especially when compared to white wine, red wine is better drunk slightly warmer, allowing you to serve larger quantities. The crimson wine glass enters the picture here.

Some red wine glasses are expensive because they are mouth-blown and manually fashioned from crystal by skilled craftspeople. There is no way to quantify that.

37. Snifter

This is the last on our list of different types of drinking glasses. The snifter glass has a bowl-shaped vase and a short stem. These rounded glasses are ideal for serving aromatic spirits, which are frequently barrel-aged for several years.

With the help of the snifter glass, you can pick up all the fluttering aromas from a beverage with your nose. Snifter glasses are uncommon today, but you should use one if you’re sampling premium rum, mature whisky, or pricey brandy.


The nicest thing about having a choice of drinking glasses at home is that you can entertain your visitors with a large range of beverages and cocktails. Every variety of glass has a purpose, and there are several advantages to becoming familiar with them.

Enjoy drinking from many different types of drinking glasses to make it more enjoyable. The correct glassware is the only way to enjoy a beverage.

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