13 Different Types of Crackers

Different Types of Crackers
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What type of crackers should I eat? There are many different types of crackers, from those made from wheat flour to gluten-free ones.

Each has its unique taste and texture; in this article, we shall discuss each.

What are Crackers?

Crackers are crunchy snacks made from wheat flour or other grains. They come in various shapes and sizes; some contain added ingredients such as cheese, nuts, seeds, etc.

At the same time, they’re versatile foods that you can eat alone or combined with other ingredients.

They can be savory or sweet, and they can be baked, fried, or deep-fried.

Some crackers are infused with flavors such as chocolate, coffee, cheese, nuts, herbs, spices, and fruits.

In addition, they are a great snack option because they provide energy without adding too much fat or calories.

The key is choosing the right type of cracker for your health goals.

Different Types of Crackers

Some crackers are healthier than others, but they all have something to offer. Here are some of the best crackers to try.

1. Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers
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Graham crackers are classic American snack food. They are also a great source of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

What makes them special? Graham crackers are delicious, nutritious, and versatile. 

You can eat graham crackers plain or dipped into chocolate or peanut butter. In addition, you can also use them to make cookies, cakes, and pies.

2. Cheez-It Crackers

Cheez-Its are a snack food made from wheat flour, cheese powder, vegetable oil, salt, and other additives.

The brand was created in 1948 by Nabisco Foods Corporation and has since become one of the top-selling brands in America.

In addition, they are gluten-free and contain no preservatives, and are perfect for snacking anytime, anywhere.

Cheez-It crackers are sold in over 40 countries worldwide and are quite popular in the United States, where they are a staple food item.

3. Keebler Crackers

Keebler crackers are chocolate-covered wafers. The Keebler Company produces them, and they’re a subsidiary of Mondelez International, Inc.

While Keebler crackers are similar to other cookies, they are slightly different because they contain no eggs.

This means they don’t spread out during baking, resulting in a crunchy texture.

Keebler crackers are a type of snack food that comes in various flavors. They are also known as chocolate-coated wafer cookies or chocolate-covered wafer cookies. These snacks are very delicious and crunchy.

4. Triscuit Crackers

Triscuit is a brand that produces different types of crackers. These crackers are a delicious treat that you can enjoy anytime.

Additionally, they’re low in calories and gluten. The Triscuit brand has existed since 1903 by Nabisco but is now owned by Mondelez International.

Triscuit crackers are a delicious combination of salty and sweet flavors. Moreover, they’re also an excellent snack for kids because they don’t require refrigeration.

5. Cheddars Crackers

Cheddars cheese crackers are crunchy, cheesy snack food that has been around since the early 1900s.

The original recipe was created at Kraft Foods but is now by Nabisco under their Cheddars brand.

Cheese crackers are a staple at parties, picnics, and barbecues. They’re often served alongside dips or appetizers such as potato chips or pretzels.

Cheddars cheese crackers are an excellent snack option, but they’re high in calories and contain lots of saturated fats. Instead, try serving these tasty treats with fresh fruit or veggies.

6. Animal Crackers

The name reminds you of the animal crackers movie, right? Well, that’s not what this is about. Animal crackers are delicious snacks that kids love.

They come in various shapes and sizes, from simple round ones to fancy animal-shaped ones.

7. Breton Crackers

Breton crackers are also one of the different types of crackers manufactured in Canada and the United States.

They are usually eaten at breakfast time and are often served with butter and jam.

These crackers are very similar to other biscuits, such as digestive biscuits, but they are much smaller.

They are also quite sweet, so they are perfect for dunking into tea or coffee.

8. Captain’s Wafers Crackers

Captain’s Wafers are delicious crackers that come from America. They are famous for their distinctive shape and taste.

The company was founded in 1885 and has been producing its crackers ever since.

These crunchy snacks are from whole grain wheat flour, corn syrup, and other nutritious ingredients.

They come in three flavors: peanut butter, honey sandwich, and Cream cheese.

Captain’s wafer crackers are a great way to add flavor to your meals without spending too much time or energy. 

9. Wheat Thins Crackers

Wheat-thin crackers are baked with whole-grain wheat and do not contain artificial flavors or colors.

There are many ways to enjoy these snacks, whether you eat them plain or add toppings.

For example, you can dip them into salsa or ketchup or sprinkle them with salt and pepper.

10. Club Crackers

Club crackers is a small cracker produced by Kellogg’s. They come in three flavors: Honey BBQ, Sweet Chili, and Spicy Salsa.

The spicy salsa flavor has a kick of cayenne pepper and jalapeño peppers.

However, they’re delicious, nutritious, and affordable. They’re gluten-free, low in sugar, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

If you love them, you should try some. Also available in club mini crackers, club crisps, sea salt crackers, and club multigrain crackers.

11. Ritz Crackers

Ritz Crackers are a brand of crackers produced by Nabisco Foods Corporation.

They’re manufactured under Kraft Foods Group, Inc. license and distributed worldwide by Mondelēz International.

These crackers are famous for their distinctive shape and taste. They’re frequently offered during gatherings and other social occasions. However, they are not only delicious but also nutritious.

12. Zesta Saltine Crackers

Zesta saltine crackers make the list of the different types of crackers as most people’s favorite.

These snacks satisfy consumers’ cravings for salty snacks without adding too much sodium or fat. Moreover, they are free of artificial colors and tastes.

13. Goldfish Crackers

Ever seen a cracker that smiles at you? Buy a goldfish cracker, and you’ll see an imprint of an eye and smile on it.

Goldfish cracker is a brand of crackers produced by the American food company Pepperidge Farm. 

They are a type of snack food that consists of bite-sized fish-shaped pieces of crispy breaded fish coated in chocolate.

If you want to try something new, why not try these crackers? They’re delicious and nutritious.


Sometimes we want some snacks to munch on, and fortunately, there are different types of crackers to choose from.

Have you tried any of the crackers listed above? If yes, kindly share your experience in the comment box below!

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