Can You Drink Two Different Types of Wine at the Same Time?

Can You Drink Two Different Types of Wine at the Same Time
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Can you drink two different types of wine at the same time? Some people may tell you that you can’t enjoy two different types of wine simultaneously.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be true. There are ways to enjoy multiple wines in one sitting – even if they are made from different grapes or regions of the world. 

Though It takes some know-how to do it well, we’ve put together this expert guide on how to enjoy two different types of wine at the same time!

Does All Wine Taste the Same?

Can you drink two different types of wine at the same time? You can only answer this when you know the different tastes of wine. 

 Wine doesn’t necessarily taste different from one vintage to another. It’s our palates and noses that change over time. In other words, we can’t distinguish between subtle differences in flavors.

The thought behind vintage wines is that they are consistent from year to year and don’t change due to fluctuations in temperature or weather. So they are deemed better than non-vintage wines.

But if you ask any self-respecting sommelier, they will tell you not all wines are created equal. Also that they certainly have a distinct flavor profile. 

Do Not Limit Yourself to One Type of Wine

It’s no secret that wine is delicious. However, many people believe that enjoying a single type of wine is ideal. But there are so many different kinds of wines on the market today.

Why limit yourself to one style? Instead, try serving your guests two (or more) types of wine in one sitting for a complete drinking experience. 

Though Combining distinct flavors and aromas may sound challenging in one glass, you need some research and experimentation.

Can you drink two different types of wine?

It’s a question every wine enthusiast has asked themselves. Can you drink two different types of wine at once, or should you stick to just one style? Many people will tell you that it’s always best only to drink one type of wine if you ask around.

After all, they say, there are so many different flavors, and any severe drinker will want to experience as many as possible.

 However, some foodies might argue that taking a more relaxed approach and drinking two different wines is better for your palate. Who is right – and more importantly, who is wrong? The truth may surprise you… 

The answer depends entirely on what kind of wine you plan to consume. Most experts agree that reds go together much better than whites do. After those two general categories come into play, no hard-and-fast rules apply anymore. 

Some combinations seem pretty natural, while others seem entirely off-limits. It’s up to you which rulebook (or books) works best for your unique palette!

Can You Mix Red and White Wines in the Same Glass?

Technically, you can drink two different types of wine in one glass, but it’s probably not a good idea. The first reason is practical: It’s hard to swirl and sniff two distinct wines simultaneously. That said, if you’re set on trying it out, here are a few tips for avoiding disaster: 

Make sure both wines are similar in alcohol content. Also, your total alcohol consumption should stay under two drinks per day (and always follow your doctor’s advice). 

Finally, for lighter-bodied reds like Pinot Noir or Shiraz, choose drier white wines like Chardonnay or Viognier. White wine also tends to be lower in tannins than red wine, so you’ll taste each component more clearly.

Why Choose a Red and White Wine While Having Dinner?

Some people choose red wine to complement their meal, and some go white. As for me, I prefer a mix of both. The first glass is typically a medium-bodied red with flavors like dark berries and earthy notes.

As my meal progresses, I move on to a white wine with more citrus and stone fruit flavors. So, It’s not a decision as much as it is an opportunity to enjoy two different styles.

With each bite that goes into the mouth, they can complement each other quite nicely in moderation. So, can you drink two different types of wine? The answer is –yes.

Meanwhile, If you prefer drinking one style or another all night long, I don’t see anything wrong with that either! At the end of dinner, it’s about having fun, not about how well your food pairs with your drink.

Tips for Drinking Both Red and White Wine During Dinnertime

First, it’s important to note that there is no right or wrong way to order wine, as long as you enjoy it. However, if you’re looking for some pointers on how to drink both red and white wines at dinnertime, here are some tips: 

First and foremost, keep your meal in mind when ordering your glass of wine. Is it going to be creamy (perfect for red)? Or will it be spicy (ideal for white)? 

Secondly, consider what type of food you will eat. If you have a rich, heavy dish like steak or casserole, red wine would be better with your meal than white. If you have fish or chicken, try a lighter white wine instead. 

Thirdly, think about which flavors pair well together. White wines tend to go well with salty foods like pretzels and chips, while reds complement sweet dishes like chocolate cake. Keep these things in mind next time you’re out dining with friends!

The Only Two Reasons Not To Drink Both Red and White Wines

 You’re not used to drinking both red and white wines; Your palate isn’t trained enough.

 How to Get Used To Drinking Both Red and White Wines: Drink them one at a time. Have a glass of red wine, wait an hour, then have a glass of white wine. Soon enough, you’ll start to notice they share many similar characteristics.


Suppose you love variety in your glass (who doesn’t?). Then start experimenting with various flavor profiles until you find a combination that suits your tastes and interests! So your question,” can you drink two different types of wine” is practical, yes

When most people think about enjoying wine, they only consider one glass. But for many connoisseurs, enjoying a single drink is simply not enough. They prefer to enjoy different types of wine from two other glasses. 

However, some say you shouldn’t mix and match your drinks if you want to enjoy them properly. Is it true that wine drinkers should stick with a single type, or is it safe to switch between two kinds during a meal?

To find out what’s best for your enjoyment, you might want to consult an expert or try it yourself and see what works best for you.

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