14 Best Substitutes for Jim Beam

Best Substitutes for Jim Beam

If you’re a fan of Jim Beam whiskey, you know how smooth and flavorful it is.

But if you’re looking to try something new, you may wonder what the best substitutes for Jim Beam are.

There are a variety of whiskey brands out there, and some offer great substitutes that provide the same bold taste as Jim Beam. 

This blog post will explore some of the best substitutes for Jim Beam and what makes them unique.

So whether you’re looking for something different or want to broaden your whiskey horizons, read on to find out more.

1. Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whisky

Although it may be young compared to certain whiskies, this is known as the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby and is just as smooth as Jim Beam.

The rich cocoa and toffee flavor of Woodford Reserve’s flagship bottle is what makes it so well-known.

There are several reasons to add this to your whisky collection, even if it was just formally established in 1996, making it younger than some high-quality whiskey.

But this is also the smallest and oldest distillery in Kentucky. All in all, it starts our list of the best substitutes for Jim beam.

2. Auchentoshan American Oak, Scotch Whisky

Another excellent whisky to use in place of Jim Beam is Auchentoshan. This scotch whiskey has been around since 1823, which speaks to its excellence and demonstrates that it is a spirit that can stand by you through any storm.

In addition to being the only Scottish distillery producing triple-distilled whisky, this has a reputation for being light.

American Oak Scotch Whiskey is sufficiently smooth to take the place of Jim Beam.

Additionally, this has a sweet flavor with a hint of spice that is great for any whisky lover’s palate. And it is the second on our list of the best substitutes for Jim beam.

3. The Trace Of Buffalo

Trace of Buffalo is next on this list of best substitutes for Jim beam. When you can add the trace of buffalo to your cart, there’s no need to spend too much time looking for a Jim Beam alternative. 

The Sazerac Company, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the proprietor of the acclaimed whiskey The Trace of Buffalo.

In addition, this silky whiskey’s loveable blend of butter, caramel, and candied fruit is a testament to the care that went into making it.

There is always a bottle of Trace of Buffalo available for an unbelievably low cost.

4. Heaven Hill Whisky

Heaven Hill is a great alternative to Jim Beam bourbon whiskey. It has been distilling bourbon since 1935 and is now one of the largest independent American whiskey makers.

It is known for producing some of the highest quality whiskeys with a unique yet distinct flavor profile. 

Heaven Hill also offers various styles, from traditional bourbons to blended whiskeys and flavored expressions.

When searching for a Jim Beam substitute, Heaven Hill is certainly worth considering for its flavorful, high-quality offerings. It makes one of the best substitutes for Jim beam!

5. Angel’s Envy

Another Jim Beam alternative that is renowned for its flavor and outstanding quality is Angel’s Envy.

This was established in 2010, and while being new to the list of the best substitutes for Jim beam, it is nonetheless a classic that belongs on your shelves.

The Louisville Distilling Company makes Angel’s Envy, called “Angel’s Share.”

6. Knob Creek

You should find Knob Creek to be a worthy replacement if you’re a Jim Beam fanatic.

While it may not be the most flashy whiskey, Knob Creek is known as the classic bourbon for whiskey fans because of its smoothness and outstanding flavor.

Jim Beam and Knob Creek don’t differ all that much, so if you’re switching, you should start there.

Beam Suntory is the owner of this whiskey, which is well known as Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection.

7. Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark can convince you to change your opinion if you’re not a big whiskey fan. This heated whiskey, which is made in Loretto, Kentucky, has long been a standard.

Equally important to note, it is not left out of this list of the best substitutes for Jim beam. Due to the substitution of wheat for the traditional secondary grain, rye has a delicate, sweet flavor.

8. Basil Hayden’s

If you are looking for the best substitutes for Jim beam, another small batch of bourbon whiskey, Basil Hayden’s, is a rather mild whiskey.

One of the most well-liked bourbons in the country, this whiskey is ideal if you don’t mind spending more on a bottle. Additionally, it is smooth, sweet, peppery, and easy to drink neat.

9. Evan Williams Straight Bourbon

Like Heaven’s Hill, Evan Williams Straight bourbon is a classic on our list of the several best substitutes for Jim Beam.

This whiskey is rich, flavorful, and pleasing to all taste buds. This is considered the Heaven Hill distillery’s take on traditional Jim Beam. 

Additionally, straight bourbon from Evan William is light and reasonably priced. It has the same smoothness you would find in a glass of water. Jim Beam can be swapped out for it when cooking.

10. Four Roses Yellow Label

You can enjoy a fine bottle of whiskey with the help of Four Roses Yellow Label. Since its founding in 1888, the Four Roses brand has gained enormous popularity in the US.

While four roses produce a variety of bourbon, the yellow label is one of their most well-known.

This Kentucky straight bourbon is excellent for punch or mixed drinks compared to the best substitutes for Jim beam.

In addition to being a superb Jim Beam alternative, it also has a tasty whiskey we like drinking regularly.

11. Brandy

When looking for the best substitutes for Jim Beam, brandy is a great option. Brandy is made from the fermented juice of fruits and has a flavor similar to whiskey.

Brandy is stronger than whiskey but still mellow enough to use in cocktails or even neat. 

Plus, brandy flavors are robust and varied, ranging from sweet, honey-like notes to bold and spicy tones.

As with any spirit, the quality of your brandy will greatly influence the overall taste of your drink. Choose a good quality brandy, and you will surely find an enjoyable alternative to Jim Beam.

12. Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey is a whiskey many people love to use as a substitute for Jim Beam. It has a smooth, sweet flavor that many enjoy and is usually cheaper than Jim Beam.

Wild Turkey is a great alternative to Jim Beam if you want a whiskey with similar characteristics in terms of taste and quality but with a lower price tag. 

Of the best substitutes for Jim beam, this whiskey is great on its own or mixed with other drinks, making it a versatile option for any drink menu.

Its smoky and oak-like flavors pair perfectly with the classic Jim Beam taste, making it the perfect replacement for Jim Beam lovers.

13. Rum

If you’re looking for an alternative to Jim Beam, a good option to consider is rum.

It’s a slightly sweeter and more fruity spirit that can still bring some of the same flavor notes as bourbon.

Rum can also be used in various cocktails, from classic old-fashioned to mojitos and mai tais. 

When making cocktails, consider using a spiced or flavored rum to really bring out the complexity of flavors.

If you’re drinking rum on its own, look for an aged rum for a smoother flavor. We are almost done with this list of the best substitutes for Jim beam, but continue reading!

14. Cognac

Cognac is an ideal substitute for Jim Beam in many cocktails. Its flavor profile is similar to Jim Beam, with a slightly sweeter taste and a hint of oak.

The smoothness and complexity of Cognac make it the perfect addition to any cocktail. 

Additionally, the high ABV content makes Cognac a great choice for those seeking a stronger drink.

While it may be pricier than Jim Beam, the unique flavor notes make it well worth the splurge. This ends our list of the best substitutes for Jim beam!


Jim Beam is usually a good option if you’re looking for a tasty whiskey that won’t break the bank. But what if you want something different?

Plenty of other whiskeys offer the same great taste as Jim Beam without the hefty price tag. 

This article explored the best substitutes for Jim Beam and why they might be a better option for your wallet.

We also compared the different flavor profiles and gave you our top picks. So grab your glass and get started!

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