18 Best Mexican Appetizers for Your Party

Best Mexican Appetizers
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Do you want to spice up your upcoming Mexican dinner night? We’ve compiled a list of the best Mexican appetizers you’ll absolutely fall in love with!

Mexican food is colorful, which is one of its best qualities. You can almost feel the Mexican sunshine through the meal, whether you’re eating it on a scorching summer day or in the dead of winter.

There are so many ingredients in the recipes, but even the creamier, cheesier ones contain refreshing tart elements.

Let’s look at these delicious appetizers so that you can begin to explore Mexican cuisine!

1. Zucchini Cream Soup

Zucchini cream soup is savory and delicious, and it’s excellent as an appetizer or a light meal.

This delicious soup has a fresh, sweet flavor with a creamy texture because it mainly contains zucchini and dairy ingredients. Adding garlic and spices will create a soup with a lot of depth.

Mexican zucchini cream soup is delicious on its own because it already has a fantastic flavor. But serving some fried garlic bread alongside the soup will give it a crisp bite.

2. Mexican Pigs in a Blanket

Mexican pigs in a blanket are savory finger meals made of small cocktail sausages wrapped in tortillas and spread with cream cheese.

You may enhance their flavor by mixing some taco sauce into the cream cheese. Mexican pigs in a blanket are typically baked in the oven to give them a crispy, slightly smokey texture.

They go best with guacamole or fresh salsa due to their rich flavor. They’re also one of the best Mexican appetizers that will wow you!

3. Cream Cheese Tortilla Bites

It is hard to make these cream cheese tortilla nibbles wrong, especially if you have the perfect recipes. Spread tortilla wrappers with cream cheese, butter, and seasonings to make these cheesy snacks. 

Even though cream cheese tortilla bites don’t need to be cooked, you can fry them in melted butter to give them a crunchy texture.

However, you can omit this step and shorten the cooking time if you prefer your tortilla bites soft and at room temperature.

4. Deep-fried Guacamole

A great idea to enhance your healthy summer appetizer game is to deep-fry some guacamole. You may prepare a stunning guacamole appetizer to wow your visitors with the help of these simple Mexican appetizer ideas.

5. Mini Burritos

These little burritos are a good place to start if you’re cooking for Mexican food enthusiasts. These little appetizers deliver tasty and genuine Mexican tastes, much like regular burritos.

The only difference is that they come in small, bite-sized pieces. Even though these burritos are tiny, the taste they contain will more than likely entice you to take another bite.

So put your doubts to rest and go ahead and prepare these tasty bits if you’re still hesitant about cooking these small burritos.

6. Jalapeno Poppers

These are also one of the best Mexican appetizers you’ll love. These flavorful jalapeno poppers are seasoned with garlic and onion powder.

Not to mention that these Mexican snacks are stuffed with incredibly creamy cheese. You may also sprinkle some crispy bacon on top for smokey flavor undertones. 

These jalapeno poppers are only gently baked, so you can still taste the peppers’ freshness and subtle crispiness. Even better, these Mexican appetizers are incredibly simple to prepare and have mouthwatering tastes.

In addition, if you preserve jalapenos properly, you’ll be able to savor the extraordinary flavor of these delicious peppers.

7. Mini Chicken Chimichangas

These small chimichangas are the perfect amount of crisp and flaky. They taste so good when combined with soft chicken shreds and creamy cheese.

Also, use a small amount of hotter pepper jack cheese instead of cheddar while preparing these little chicken chimichangas.

8. Chicken Taquitos

These are also among the best Mexican appetizers to make if you have a lot of leftover chicken in the fridge.

They are incredibly simple to make because all that is required is to wrap tortillas around chicken and cheese stuffings before deep-frying them.

Not a lover of deep-fried food? There’s no need to worry because an air fryer can also be used to prepare this delicious Mexican dish! 

9. Chicken Quesadillas

Although chicken quesadillas appear hard and time-consuming to prepare, they are among the simplest Mexican appetizers.

Chicken quesadillas allow you to concentrate your time and effort on the main dish because they only require 5 minutes of preparation time. 

The best time to make this simple Mexican appetizer is when you have leftover chicken in the fridge. This recipe enables you to prepare something lovely and alluring out of cold, unappetizing chicken left over from the last supper.

10. Beef Flautas

Beef flautas are crispy tortilla wraps stuffed with ground beef and cheese. You must deep-fry the flauta once you’ve wrapped the tortilla around the ground beef filling.

In the end, you get a crunchy snack with flavorful and creamy bites. While beef flautas are tasty, they taste even better when served with guacamole and chopped tomatoes.

It’s among the best Mexican appetizers, thanks to the harmonious combination of the flavors and textures of flautas, guacamole, and chopped tomatoes.

11. Golden Jicama Fries

Jicama is a root vegetable with juicy, crispy flesh and a sweet, nutty flavor used in Mexican and American cuisine to make these fries a delicious appetizer. 

These tasty Mexican snacks are as good as regular French fries and have a great nutrient profile with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium.

They are also ketogenic. Its antioxidant content makes it a healthful element for a nutritious Mexican appetizer.

12 Chicken Enchilada Dip

This delicious appetizer is perfect for serving in the fall since it is packed with cheesy goodness, sour cream, and succulent chicken. Try it and it could be the best among the Mexican appetizers you’ve ever had!

So if you’re searching for a flavor burst, give this a try. Chicken enchilada dip doesn’t take much time to prepare and is insanely simple to make.

This dish only requires about 10 minutes of prep time; the rest is up to the oven. This frees you up to concentrate more on preparing the main course.

13. Tamale Dip

This hot tamale dip is a must-try if you enjoy spicy food. But, even if you can’t tolerate the heat, you won’t be able to stop eating the tamale dip.

Why? Because the dip’s creamy cheese filling gives it the proper balance and appeals to almost everyone. It’s one of the best Mexican appetizers on our list!

14. Black Bean Dip

Black bean dip is one of the most addictive dips available, even though it may not look like an appetizer. It’s also among the best Mexican appetizers we have on this list.

The black beans that make up the base of this dip give it a soft, creamy texture and a lovely nutty, earthy flavor. Furthermore, black bean dip will taste delicious after you add additional ingredients.

15. Salsa Verde

Green salsa is also among the best Mexican appetizers out there. Salsa verde has a naturally tart flavor that entices you to want more and is made from tomatillo, a Mexican husk tomato.

Although tomatillos are great on their own, fresh lime juice is necessary to create a genuinely delicious salsa verde because it gives the dip a zesty and more vibrant flavor. Jalapenos, onions, and salt are essential for achieving the right balance.

16. Qdoba Queso

If you’re looking for a traditional cheese dip to go with your chips. You only require this knockoff of Qdoba Queso. 

The ideal dip trifecta consists of Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and American cheeses. To balance off the richness of the cheeses, the roasted poblano peppers and tomatoes add a great kick and tanginess. 

The best part is how simple it is to create this dip. Simply combine all the ingredients in a slow cooker, and you’re good to go!

17. Peach Strawberry Salsa

This recipe gives your standard salsa a tangy, fruity touch. Desserts often contain strawberries and peaches. Who would have known you could also use them in a savory salsa? 

The acidic, sweet, and reviving tastes of the peaches and strawberries enhance the already outstanding salsa. 

Every bite has a magnificent symphony of flavors thanks to the contrast of sweet, salty, and spicy. This salsa pairs well with salads as well as nachos and tacos.

18. Elote

Last on this list of the best Mexican appetizers is elote. It offers mind-blowing flavors because it is covered in mayo, cheese, and chili powder.

You might initially believe that mayonnaise and corn are a crazy combo. However, with just one bite, you’ll be convinced otherwise. 

It is the most mouthwatering thing ever—sweet, tangy, rich, seasoned with a little chili. It is also simple to make.

All you need to do is spread mayo over the grilled corn on the cob and top it with cotija cheese, chili spice, and cilantro.


There you have it – 18 of the best Mexican appetizers! Although they appear time-consuming and complex, they are actually straightforward and quick to prepare.

You can still make these Mexican appetizer recipes even if you’re not a skilled cook. Thanks for reading!

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