15 Best Korean Appetizers

Best Korean Appetizers
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Are you looking for something for your next Asian-themed party? Or you’re just in love with Korean food and want to make it in the comfort of your home? We’ve got you! We’ve compiled a list of the best Korean appetizers you’ll love!

Aside from the entertainment industry, Korea is quite known for its delicious foods. Their appetizers are so tasty and will go well with your main meal!

You might already be familiar with some of these foods but need to familiarize yourself with the others. Anyway, let’s have a look at these yummy appetizers.

1. Gamjajeon

You will be familiar with this meal if you have ever tried potato latkes or fritters. Only four ingredients are needed to prepare these delicious, crispy, and savory treats: russet potatoes, onions, salt, and avocado oil. 

Serve them with your own preferred dipping sauce if you prefer the authentic Korean flavor. In either case, you’re sure to like them. For a filling Korean breakfast, you can serve them with a crispy fried egg on top!

2. Korean Lettuce Salad

This is one of the best Korean appetizers we have on this list. Although Korean lettuce salad may seem simple, it is far less complex than traditional salads. You only need lettuce, green and white onions, and toasted sesame seeds.

The dressing, which you’ll make with garlic, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, sugar, Gochugaru, and sesame seed oil, takes the most time. Try this simple lettuce salad if you want refreshing appetizers with plenty of zest.

3. Air Fryer BBQ chickpeas

You can’t go wrong with BBQ chickpeas if you’re looking for a protein- and fiber-rich nutritious snack. They’re also really simple to prepare if you have an Air Fryer. 

You’ll put together a marinade using Korean BBQ sauce, honey, and Korean hot pepper paste. Then you’ll put the chickpeas in the fryer with the sauce and let it work its magic!

In just 30 minutes, you may start munching on these bite-sized, sweet and sour, and extremely crispy sweets.

4. Korean Macaroni Salad

Korean macaroni salad tastes just like macaroni salad from any place. It contains flavorful, soft macaroni, a few vegetables, and a sauce that is creamy and tangy.

The only cooking you will actually need to do is boil the pasta, which takes only 15 minutes. Once everything has been mixed, place it in the refrigerator to chill.

5. Fried Zucchini

If you’ve tasted Korean fried zucchini before, you would know that it’s one of the best Korean appetizers. Bread your zucchini pieces in a mixture of salt, flour, and egg.

Simply cook them in olive oil after that. The entire process takes no more than 20 minutes, and you can easily prepare at least four servings. 

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce, or simply snack on the crispy treats on their own. They’re really tasty either way.

6. Pajeon

If you want to experience pancakes made in the Korean style, Pajeon is a fantastic option. They aren’t quite as crispy as the kimchi pancakes. They resemble pizza dough instead.

Although the bottoms and edges are a little gritty, they are also lightly fluffy. They offer a fantastic dinner option and only take 35 minutes to prepare. Or make an excellent side dish of Korean cuisine with them.

They have a strong savory flavor with loads of herbs, garlic, and earthy undertones. But they do have a slight sweetness to them, and if you prepare the dipping sauce, that sweetness increases.

You may decide to include them in your regular rotation of appetizers or dinners because they are vegetarian-friendly and quite simple to make.

7. Korean Oven Baked Chicken Wings

This is one of the best Korean appetizers that you can hardly resist. So yummy! They’re basically saucy chicken wings with a sweet and sour Korean flavor to the sauce.

Although the sauce may be messy, the chicken is crispy and so tender that it virtually slips off the bones, and you won’t mind because it tastes so fantastic.

8. Tuna Pancakes

Even while tuna pancakes may appear odd, they don’t seem so horrible if you consider them to be more like salmon patties made with tuna.

You can prepare these simple appetizers in under 20 minutes using only tuna, eggs, green onions, onions, bell peppers, mayo, flour, salt, and pepper.

They taste excellent when dipped in the homemade sweet and sour dipping sauce and are crunchy and full of umami flavor.

9. Korean Beef Tacos

These amazingly delicious Korean beef tacos are perfect if you’re searching for a dish with various flavors.

They are prepared using Sriracha, soy sauce, ginger, brown sugar, garlic, red pepper flakes, and other ingredients.

That should give you a good idea of the variety and intensity of flavors that will be present. You’ll assemble the tacos using flour tortillas, the flavorful beef, onions, cilantro, sesame seeds, Kimchi, and Sriracha mayo.

10.Kimchi Pancakes

This is also one of the best Korean appetizers on this list. It’s possible that kimchi pancakes won’t taste exactly like the pancakes you’re used to; for one thing, they’re crispier and a lot more flavorful. However, that doesn’t make them any less tasty.

You may prepare these with common pantry ingredients (flour, water, sea salt, eggs, etc.). Only the kimchi and kimchi juice may be difficult for you to find.

You won’t have a hard time finding the chilies, but you might be surprised to learn that they go with pancakes. On the other hand, these pancakes are flavorful, hot, and slightly sour.

11. Yachae Hotteok

Hotteoks are packed pancakes that typically contain sweet foods and nuts but can contain other components as well. These savory pancakes, however, are loaded with noodles and finely chopped vegetables for Yachae Hotteok.

When you bite into this pancake, you’ll first notice its crunchy exterior before tasting the fluffy batter that contains all of your favorite vegetables. 

Simply purchase some Asian chives, carrots, onions, and a variety of sauces and seasonings at the Korean market down the street. 

Feel free to invite your family and friends to make this unique pancake because preparing it is enjoyable. This is something you can offer at a party to impress your guests with your mastery of Korean appetizers!

12. Saewu Ganghwe

This is spring onion-tied shrimp and asparagus. It is lovely to look at, elegant and sophisticated on the outside.

Nevertheless, it’s simple to put together and has a flavor that instantly catches your taste buds! The word “ganghwe” describes a plate of little buns.

It is frequently prepared and made by tying ingredients with thin spring onions. You will be producing these snacks like there’s no tomorrow once you get the hang of making Ganghwes. 

You will grin with every bite as the delicious flavor of the shrimp combines with the asparagus and spring onions.

They’re also one of the best Korean appetizers on this list. With this, you will leave a wonderful, long-lasting impact on your family and friends!

13. Ramen and Tteokbokki

It could be daunting to have your mouth feel like it’s on fire, but it’s worth it if your meal is heavenly delicious.

You can solve the problem by munching on this appetizer! This spicy appetizer is not for the weak of the heart. 

But who can honestly stop himself with such fantastic taste? Grab a glass of milk, get ready to fight the heat, and dig into this appetizer!

14. Spicy Grilled Baby Octopus

The octopus might make for an odd starter. It is also daunting to think about preparing this sea animal. 

But you must have the Spicy and Grilled Baby Octopus on your platter! Baby octopuses are much simpler to prepare and come naturally delicate.

For a spicy finish, broil your octopuses after marinating them in a hot gochujang sauce. Enjoy your new flavorful appetizer by plating these octopuses!

15. Mung Bean Pancake

The mung bean pancake, popularly known as bindatteok, is also one of the best Korean appetizers. The batter has a deep and distinctive mung bean flavor because it is entirely made of ground mung beans.

There are alternatives within options since there is both the original recipe and the kimchi mung bean style.

Choose according to your preferences because everyone will certainly appreciate these pancakes for their flavor, consistency, and texture.

Despite having a somewhat reddish tint, it is not as hot as it appears, so don’t be alarmed! Be sure to experiment with some unique flavors when eating this snack!


There you have it – 15 of the best Korean appetizers! You can now see that there’s more to Korean appetizers than the usual kimchi. These appetizers are delicious and will satisfy you while still having room for your main courses.

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