17 Best German Appetizers

Best German Appetizers
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Have you been uninterested in foods lately and want to try something different to arouse your appetite? Or do you need clarification on what to serve at your movie and game nights? If yes, we have the best German appetizers for you!

German appetizers boast a wide range of flavors, and there are numerous options available! In addition, they’re easy to prepare and don’t call for any difficult preparation methods.

These recipes are unique due to their simplicity and authentic taste. So now let’s look at these scrumptious appetizers we’ve dug out for you; let’s go!

1. Beer Brat Bites

Everyone is familiar with the traditional beer-braised bratwurst recipe. With this recipe, you can make the same juicy, yummy sausage with only half as much work.

If you know how to prepare brats in the oven, you can make a simple yet delicious appetizer. These sausages in bite-sized pieces make a tasty party appetizer.

They require very little preparation time and simply a few simple ingredients. They keep everyone’s attention while still being fancy enough to let the main courses take center stage.

2. Sausage Salad

One of the best German appetizers is this sausage salad. In this low-carb meal, thin strips of sausage are seasoned with vinegar, pickles, onions, and oil.

For all of your summer outdoor meals, this classic German salad is a great starter, especially if you’re serving grilled foods. Moreover, it is simple to put together and tastes fantastic.

3. Roter Heringssalat (German Herring Salad)

Herring is a small fish that lives primarily in the North Pacific. It has a moderately sweet flavor and flaky, tender meat. Herrings are combined with various vegetables in this classic dish and a creamy, tangy sauce.

This lovely salad goes well with a variety of dishes. Common options to improve the texture include boiled potatoes or hard-boiled eggs.

In addition, it can be spread evenly over some toasted bread to make a deliciously healthy breakfast or appetizer.

4. Pilzstrudel Mit Ziegenkäse ( Mushroom Strudel with Goat Cheese)

This hearty recipe combines tangy goat cheese and earthy mushrooms. The mixture is then sealed in a crisp, flaky phyllo crust, providing you with a flavor-packed appetizer for any occasion.

Even though this strudel is a mouthful on its own, a good creamy side dip will elevate it to a whole new level.

Balsamic syrup or freshly ground pepper can give it a sweeter or more peppery flavor. It’s also among the best German appetizers.

5. Sauerkraut Balls

Sauerkraut is a versatile ingredient that may be used in various cuisines, including special German desserts. But thanks to this appetizer recipe, snack enthusiasts everywhere can now enjoy these crunchy balls.

This classic dish involves frying tangy sauerkraut and other meat, cream cheese, and seasonings until it is deliciously golden.

These sauerkraut balls are the ideal appetizer for all of your meals because they are bite-sized and loaded with flavor.

They’ll also make a delicious snack for summer get-togethers and game evenings. Just be sure you have a rich, tasty dip on hand to keep them company.

6. Kräuterbutter (German Herb Butter)

This simple herb and butter combination will elevate your dish to the next level. This recipe creates the perfect dip to eat with nearly anything by combining the sweetness of butter with various aromatic and earthy herbs.

In addition, this recipe is simple to prepare because it contains common herbs like parsley, chives, and basil. You may use the mixture as a dip for veggies and other meat dishes, but it goes especially nicely with toasted bread.

7. Soft Pretzel Bites & Beer Cheese Dip

These little pretzel pieces dipped in delectable beer cheese will make your game night more interesting. You may also use the dip for other dishes at the meal because they are so easy to make.

They’re no doubt one of the best German appetizers. The pretzels have a wonderfully crispy exterior yet melt in your mouth due to their tenderness.

The centerpiece of the meal is undoubtedly the traditional German dip. It is creamy and sweet with a distinct beer undertone that will knock you off your feet.

8. Pretzel Muffins

This is another intriguing method to prepare pretzels. These pastries, which are a cross between pretzels and muffins, are incredibly soft but still crumble in your mouth with each bite.

They will surely steal the show before the meal even starts when they’re warm out from the oven. These pretzel muffins come with a variety of filling options.

Put enough cheddar on them, and you’ll instantly feel them melt in your mouth. Use butter or cocoa for a sweeter taste if you like to prepare it the old-fashioned way.

9. German Cheese Board

A classy cheese board will add some class to your dinner party. They’re no doubt one of the best German appetizers.

Moreover, they have a charming, appealing appearance no matter how you choose to present them. The best aspect is that there is something for everyone, so they will easily fit into most people’s diets.

This dish, often referred to as a charcuterie board, typically includes various kinds of cheese, meats, vegetables, fresh fruits, and other ingredients of your choice.

In addition, the German version will have goodies like bratwurst, sauerkraut, pretzels, and other cheeses.

10. German Liver Dumpling Soup

You might initially find this classic German soup weird, but give it a try—you never know! The dumplings in this soup are comprised of liver, bread, eggs, and herbs and are cooked in a savory beef broth. 

If cooked properly, the liver may be rather juicy and soft with a faintly nutty flavor. However, you don’t need to worry too much about any strange flavors because this soup contains a wide variety of herbs and meat.

11. Flädlesuppe (German Pancake Soup)

Also among the best German appetizers is the Fladlesuppe. The only difference between this soup and the famous chicken noodle soup is that it uses curled-up pancake strips instead of traditional noodles. 

The original purpose of this recipe was to use up leftover pancakes. Although many Germans now consider it comfort food.

This soup, which may be made with beef or veggie broth, will keep you warm on all chilly winter days.

12. Smoked Trout Dip

With only a few easy steps, this stunning dip will enhance all of your appetizers a thousand times. Unlike other dips, this one has a chunky texture and is creamy and flavorful because of the shredded vegetables and trout. 

Any additional ingredients can be used to serve this dip; the more basic, the better. Its flavor is so strong that it will improve any cuisine it is served with, whether it is toast or fresh vegetables.

13. Soleier (German Pickled Eggs)

Discover this unique method of preparing and eating eggs with this unusual recipe. Pickled eggs are kept in a liquid flavored with various herbs; then, they are boiled to bring out their distinctive flavor.

Many people also add raw beet to give the concoction a vibrant magenta color. Although these eggs may look foreign, they are a highly popular treat in Germany.

Nearly every bar has a full jar of these. You can eat them as you would a hard-boiled egg or as a meal starts with a cool lager.

14. Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Wreath

A golden pretzel wreath will be the highlight of any meal. Everyone drools at its enormous size and stunning look.

Even better are the amazing expressions that your visitors make when they delve in and discover mouthwatering stuffing inside. 

Moreover, you can now add tasty cheddar cheese and ham to pretzels to give them a creative twist instead of dipping them straight into a cheese dip.

The insides will be soaked by the dip, making the pretzels even softer and more flavorful from the cheese.

15. German Meatballs

This dish may cause you to rethink your belief that Swedish meatballs are the best in the world. The ingredients in this comforting German dish are ground beef, onions, parsley, and Worcestershire sauce.

It’s also among the best German appetizers on this list. These delicious German meatballs are typically served on a bed of bacon sauerkraut and topped with a mustard gravy sauce. Even though the meatball is great on its own, the velvety gravy takes it to another level.

16. Gefilte Fish

This Jewish fish-based appetizer was initially prepared by Ashkenazi Jews and has since entered German cuisine.

Ashkenazi Jewish households usually serve this dish hot before the main course. You can prepare Gefilte fish by combining ground whitefish, matzo meal, eggs, onions, and different spices.

Locals will form this mixture into a patty or ball and cook it in fish stock with carrots and onions.

17. Labskaus

This is a classic North German dish that contains mashed potatoes, beef mince, and beets. Along with these basic ingredients, fried eggs, pickles, and Rollmops are also necessary for this hearty appetizer.

Labskaus doesn’t include raw meat despite how it looks. Beet juice is the source of the color red.


There you have it – 17 best German appetizers. Not only will these German appetizers keep your parties lively and cheerful, but they’ll also provide you with some fresh new ways to prepare classic foods. Thanks for reading!

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