15 Best Drinks for Breastfeeding Moms

Best Drinks for Breastfeeding Moms
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Breastfeeding can be a beautiful and rewarding experience for both mom and baby.

However, it is important to know the best drinks for breastfeeding moms and Maintain proper nutrition and hydration to support milk production and overall health.

As a breastfeeding mom, you must consume enough fluids throughout the day to prevent dehydration. 

But sometimes water can get a little boring, so we’ve compiled a list of the top nutritious and refreshing drinks for breastfeeding moms.

From delicious smoothies to nourishing teas, these drinks will hydrate you and provide important vitamins and minerals to support your and your baby’s health.

1. Infused Water

Infused Water
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Infused water is one of the refreshing and nutritious best drinks for breastfeeding moms that is perfect for breastfeeding moms.

It is a great way to stay hydrated while adding flavor and nutrients to your daily intake.

Infused water is easy to make and can be customized to suit your taste preferences. Add fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to a pitcher of water to make infused water.

Some popular combinations include lemon, cucumber, strawberry, basil, orange, and mint. 

Nevertheless, Infused water can also be made with ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric, which have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Infused water is a great alternative to sugary drinks and can help curb cravings.

It is also a good way to get vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, which can help support your breastfeeding journey. 

In addition to its nutritional benefits, infused water is a low-calorie drink that can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Staying hydrated is important for breastfeeding moms as it helps increase milk production and maintain good overall health.

So, next time you feel thirsty, try making some infused water. It’s an easy and tasty way to stay hydrated and get nutrients.

2. Water

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Water is essential for all individuals, but it becomes even more critical for breastfeeding mothers.

It’s important to stay hydrated to ensure breast milk production is ample and consistent. You should drink water regularly throughout the day, even without being thirsty.

Try carrying a water bottle with you and take a sip whenever possible. Water can also be infused with fruit or herbs to add flavor and nutrients.

Citrus fruits, cucumber, mint, and ginger are great options for adding zing to your water.

Not only does water taste good, but it is one of the best drinks for breastfeeding moms, and it also helps with digestion and reduces inflammation.

Drinking water will keep you hydrated, promote healthy metabolism, and flush out toxins from your body.

3. Almond Milk

Almond Milk
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Almond milk is a popular non-dairy alternative to regular cow’s milk, and it can be a great addition to a breastfeeding mother’s diet.

Nevertheless, Almond milk contains vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin D, essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

It’s also low in calories and healthy fats, making it a great way to maintain a healthy weight while providing essential nutrients to your baby. 

When choosing almond milk, look for unsweetened varieties to avoid added sugars.

You can drink almond milk alone or use it as a base for smoothies, another great drink option for breastfeeding mothers.

Adding almond milk to your diet is a great way to boost your nutrient intake and keep your body healthy and well-nourished while breastfeeding.

4. Milk

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Of course, milk is an obvious choice for breastfeeding moms. It contains protein, calcium, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

However, ensuring you’re choosing the right type of milk is important.

For dairy-free or lactose intolerant, almond milk can be a great alternative. It’s a good source of calcium, vitamin E, and other nutrients. Plus, it’s low in calories and doesn’t contain any lactose.

Organic milk is recommended for those who consume dairy as one of the best drinks for breastfeeding moms.

Organic milk is produced without antibiotics or growth hormones and has higher omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E levels.

Pay attention to any sensitivities or allergies you or your baby may have when choosing milk.

Some babies may be sensitive to cow’s milk protein, so if you notice any signs of an allergic reaction in your baby, it may be best to switch to an alternative milk source.

Milk can be a great way to stay hydrated and get important nutrients while breastfeeding. Just be sure to choose the right type for you and your baby.

5. Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea
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Drinking herbal tea can be a great way for breastfeeding moms to hydrate and relax at the same time.

While many traditional teas contain caffeine, herbal teas are usually caffeine-free, making them a safer option for breastfeeding moms. Here are some great herbal teas to try:

6. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea
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Chamomile is known for its calming and soothing properties, making it a great option and one of the best drinks for breastfeeding moms who want to relax and reduce stress.

7. Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea
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Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can help digestion and nausea. This tea can be a great option for breastfeeding moms experiencing postpartum digestive issues.

8. Fennel Tea

Fennel is known for its ability to increase milk production, making it a popular choice for breastfeeding moms who want to boost their milk supply.

9. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea
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Peppermint can help with digestion and is also known for its calming properties.

However, some studies suggest that it may also decrease milk production, so it’s important to use peppermint tea in moderation.

When choosing herbal tea, avoiding blends that contain herbs like sage, parsley, or peppermint is important, which can decrease milk production.

Drying peppermint tea can be a great way to stay hydrated and get added health benefits while breastfeeding.

10. Coconut Water

Coconut Water
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Coconut water is a delicious and refreshing drink that can provide several benefits as one of the best drinks for breastfeeding moms.

It is a rich source of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that help to keep the body hydrated and energized.

Additionally, coconut water is a natural source of lauric acid, which can enhance the immune system and improve the quality of breast milk.

Breastfeeding moms can consume coconut water to replace sugary sports drinks that can harm health.

The low-calorie drink is also a natural source of carbohydrates, making it an ideal post-workout drink.

With its hydrating properties, coconut water can help moms prevent dehydration, which is vital for breastfeeding moms as dehydration can lead to decreased milk production.

Opting for 100% pure coconut water instead of processed versions with added sugars is advisable when purchasing coconut water.

These versions may contain added calories and sweeteners that can harm your health and the quality of breast milk.

In summary, coconut water is a refreshing drink with numerous health benefits for breastfeeding moms.

Its natural electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals help keep the body hydrated and energized, while lauric acid promotes immune function and improves the quality of breast milk.

It is a low-calorie alternative to sports drinks, making it a great option for post-workout recovery.

Be sure to choose a pure, unsweetened version to maximize the benefits for both mom and baby.

11. Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh Fruit Juice
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Fresh fruit juices are among the great drink options for breastfeeding moms. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, which is crucial for a strong immune system.

Additionally, fruit juices are hydrating, which can help maintain breast milk production. 

To make fresh fruit juice, choose various fruits in season and blend them. Some great fruits to include in your juice blend are oranges, apples, berries, and watermelon.

Try experimenting with different combinations to find a juice you enjoy that is also beneficial for your breastfeeding journey. 

You can also opt for store-bought fruit juices if you’re short on time. Just make sure to choose ones that are 100% pure juice that doesn’t contain added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice daily can give your body essential nutrients while also quenching your thirst.

12. Smoothies

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Smoothies are a great way to pack a lot of nutrients and hydration into one delicious drink.

They’re also a perfect choice for busy moms who don’t have enough time to sit down and eat a full meal.

Here are some tips for creating smoothies perfect for breastfeeding moms: Use plenty of fruits and vegetables: Smoothies are a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies.

Make sure to add plenty of greens like spinach and kale and fresh or frozen berries for added sweetness.

Breastfeeding moms need plenty of protein to support milk production and overall health.

Adding protein-rich ingredients like Greek yogurt, nut butter, or protein powder can help satisfy you.

Incorporate healthy fats; good fats like avocado, chia seeds, and coconut oil can help keep your energy levels up and support brain health.

They can also make your smoothie creamier and more satisfying.

Don’t forget about hydration: Even though you’re drinking a smoothie, staying hydrated is still important.

Some great smoothie combinations for breastfeeding moms include Berry Blast: Frozen mixed berries, Greek yogurt, spinach, almond milk, and chia seeds.

Green Goddess: Spinach, banana, almond butter, coconut oil, and coconut water. Tropical Paradise: Mango, pineapple, Greek yogurt, coconut water, and flaxseed.

Remember to experiment and find the best combinations for your taste buds.

With the right ingredients, smoothies can be one of the most delicious and best drinks for breastfeeding moms and a nutritious addition to your breastfeeding diet.

13. Bone Broth

Another fantastic drink option for breastfeeding moms is bone broth. This nutritious drink contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can benefit you and your baby.

Bone broth is made by simmering animal bones and connective tissue for an extended period, allowing all the nutrients to be extracted.

The minerals in bone broth, such as calcium and magnesium, can help promote healthy bone growth and development in your little one.

The amino acids, like glycine and proline, help with gut health and digestion. Plus, the collagen found in bone broth is excellent for skin, hair, and nails, keeping you looking and feeling great.

Bone broth can be consumed independently or added to other dishes, such as soups or stews.

You can even sip it like a warm cup of tea, making it a comforting and nourishing drink for breastfeeding moms.

When making bone broth, use high-quality bones from grass-fed or pasture-raised animals. This will ensure the broth is free from harmful additives and hormones that can be passed on to your baby through breast milk.

Bone broth is an excellent drink for breastfeeding moms looking for a nutritious and tasty way to stay hydrated and promote their baby’s health.

Give it a try and see how you and your baby feel!

14. Kefir

Kefir is a fermented dairy drink that has been enjoyed for centuries. This tangy drink is rich in probiotics, which can help support your digestive system and overall immune health.

Kefir also contains calcium, protein, and B vitamins, essential nutrients for you and your baby.

If you’re lactose intolerant or avoiding dairy, you can also find kefir made from non-dairy sources such as coconut or almond milk.

When choosing kefir, look for unsweetened options to avoid added sugars. You can drink it alone or add it to a smoothie for a creamy texture.

If you’re not a fan of the taste, try blending it with fresh fruit or honey to sweeten it up. 

As always, talk to your healthcare provider before making any dietary changes, especially if you have a dairy or lactose intolerance history.

Enjoying kefir in moderation can be a great addition to your breastfeeding nutrition plan.

15. Seltzer

Seltzer, also known as carbonated water, is a great option among the best drinks for breastfeeding moms looking for a refreshing drink that is low in calories and sugar.

However, Seltzer water can help keep you hydrated, and it’s a good alternative to soda if you’re trying to cut back on your sugar intake.

If you find plain seltzer water too bland, add a splash of fruit juice or a squeeze of lemon or lime to add flavor.

You can also find flavored seltzers in most grocery stores, but be sure to read the labels as some brands may have added sugars or artificial flavors.

One thing to remember when drinking seltzer is that the carbonation can sometimes cause gas and bloating, so it’s best to consume in moderation.

This can be a refreshing and hydrating drink option for breastfeeding moms looking for a low-calorie, low-sugar option.

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