22 Best Appetizers for Picky Eaters

Best Appetizers for Picky Eaters
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Looking for the best appetizers for picky eaters can be a struggle, especially when you have one in your home.

Moreover, fussy eaters can either be kids or adults, and nothing you do makes them seem to like their food.

But anyway, we’ve compiled a list of easy and tasty appetizers which can help develop healthy eating habits. Preparing these dishes will encourage any picky eater to eat heartily without help; let’s go!

1. Bacon-Wrapped Little Smokies

If you’re looking for a delicious kid-friendly appetizer that will satisfy even the pickiest eater, try bacon-wrapped little smokies!

For additional crunch and taste, these delectable bacon pieces are baked to perfection and flavored with honey. Make two or three batches since they will finish very quickly!

2. Spinach Roll Appetizers

This is also among the best appetizers for picky eaters. These spinach roll appetizers can add special touches to your family’s outdoor picnic. 

Spinach has a delicate, slightly sweet, and earthy flavor that blends well with the nuttiness and grit of parmesan cheese and the suppleness of mozzarella. 

Your guests won’t be able to get enough of the full-on cheese and spinach experience!

3. Zucchini Fries

Do you have kids that don’t like to eat their vegetables? So why not add some magic to these vegetables and make something they will eat? Perhaps some zucchini fries? 

Our delicious star veggie, zucchini, remains moist and supple inside, while the panko and parmesan create a deliciously crispy and toasted exterior. Its distinctive spice blend adds to its allure and boosts flavor.

4. Cheesy Taco Sticks

Picky eaters will never get enough of these cheesy taco sticks. The delicious Cheesy Taco Sticks are buttery breadsticks stuffed with taco meat and cheese. 

These baked sticks will unquestionably pique your kids’ interests and whet their appetites. So enjoy it with your all-time favorite taco toppings!

5. Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

This also makes it to the list of best appetizers for picky eaters. These cinnamon sugar baked donuts have a sweet cinnamon sugar coating and are moist, pillowy soft, and full of delicious spices.

The donuts’ softness, which is enhanced by the coconut taste, makes them wonderfully fluffy and simple to chew. 

While the maple syrup and vanilla essence are excellent taste enhancers that help the doughnuts reach their full potential. And ground cinnamon will make these donuts glitter, shine, and appear appetizing to eat!

6. Peanut Butter and Oat Bites

These nibbles will get your guests asking for more. The earthy, bland flavor of the oats is nicely balanced by the peanut butter’s smooth, sticky texture and little sweetness. 

If you want to make it even sweeter than it already is, you can add semi-sweet chocolates.

7. Broccoli Bites

These baked Broccoli Bites will transform your anyone’s attitude toward vegetables. In addition to broccoli and spring onions, this dish also calls for egg, cheese gratings, breadcrumbs, and seasonings. 

Say goodbye to broccoli’s mildly bitter flavor and hello to a pleasant variation of this vegetable thanks to the addition of spring onions. Use ketchup or your preferred sauce to eat them.

8. Apple Nachos

This is also among the best appetizers for picky eaters. Although Apple Nachos are less yellow than the typical variety, this recipe will make you weak in the knees and hungry even more!

Sliced apples are topped with melted chocolate, nut butter, seeds, raisins, and coconut flakes. And here’s a tip to keep the apples from turning brown: just squeeze a little lemon juice on them.

9. Mini Pancakes or Silver Dollars

Anyone will light up when they see these silver-dollar pancakes. They are fluffy, sweet, and excellent for dipping.

These only require approximately 45 seconds on each side, so if you have an electric griddle, you can whip up a large quantity of them in a matter of minutes.

A squeezy container or pancake batter dispenser will make it even simpler. These are best served with whipped cream, salted caramel, and hot fudge sauce, among other tasty toppings.

10. Toffee Brickle Dip

You won’t be able to resist this sinfully creamy and sweet toffee brickle dip. It’s also among the best appetizers for picky eaters.

However, cream cheese should be used at room temperature to ensure a smooth mixture with the other components. 

Next, combine vanilla and brown and white sugar and beat until smooth. Finish by adding the toffee baking bits and serve with graham crackers, apple slices, and pretzels.

11. Puppy Chow

Puppy chow consists of powdered sugar, chocolate, peanut butter, and Chex cereal. Of course, there are frequently some other tasty ingredients, such as M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces.

This recipe blends chocolate and peanut butter, making it rich, creamy, and deliciously nutty. The only real preparation required for this dish is melting the chocolate and peanut butter. 

You can prepare the ingredients separately, then dump them, without stirring, into the same bowl. Then, when you stir in the cereal, you’ll have some bits that are more chocolatey and others that are nuttier.

12. Taco Tortilla Roll-Ups

These pinwheel-shaped nibbles will always be a hit when you have guests around. The thick bread doesn’t overshadow the filling and is very colorful.

In addition, the basis is a mixture of cream cheese and sour cream, both of which must be at room temperature to be smooth. 

The taco spice and sauce are what give them their flavor. But, again, if these are for children, pick something mild. These are great with plain cheddar cheese and leftover rotisserie chicken.

13. Oven-baked Potato Wedges

This is also among the best appetizers for picky eaters. French fries are salty, crisp, and difficult to resist.

But they are also fried and covered in oil, which makes them less than ideal if you want to serve something even slightly nutritious. 

These baked wedges fit within that category. They barely receive a tablespoon of oil before baking, despite being quite fluffy and having great crunchy edges.

14. Pigs in a Blanket

Few people can contest the mouthwatering flavor of a little sausage wrapped in a warm, doughy crescent roll. 

Make sure you have a few containers on hand since these pigs in a blanket are sure to please everyone.

15. Easy Pizza Dip

Most people enjoy the flavor of delicious pizza, and now you can share that great taste with everyone. 

All you need for this dip is some garlic bread or breadsticks to get all the melted cheese into your stomach.

16. Antipasto Appetizer Cheeseboard

Even the most hesitant guests will be impressed when you bring out a large tray of cheeses, fruits, crackers, nuts, and meats. 

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about making everyone happy because this dish will contain something for everyone.

17. Marinated Cheese

This is also among the best appetizers for picky eaters. Try marinating some of your cheeses for your next appetizer instead of using the same old cheese platter to add some extra flavor. 

Furthermore, your guests will be fascinated to learn how you got the flavor and how long it took.

18. Hormel Chili Dip

To make a fantastic appetizer, you don’t have to spend the entire evening preparing it. Set up a tasty treat for your guests in no time by pulling out this Hormel chili dip.

19. Fruit Popsicles

The simplest way to stay cool during the summer heat is with these four-ingredient pops. However, popsicles should be enjoyed all year long; if it’s out of berry season, use frozen strawberries to enjoy them whenever you want.

Although we adore the traditional strawberry flavor, feel free to add more fruit or even a touch of Tajin for a spicy bite to them!

This is also among the best appetizers for picky eaters. There is now a delicious edible cookie dough version of the classic chocolate chip cookie.

Only a few cookie or cake mixes are as delicious as raw and cooked. In this recipe, graham crackers are used in place of flour.

21. Bacon Parm Crackers

These crackers are the simplest savory app to make and take less than an hour to prepare. It isn’t easy to discover a simpler recipe using only three ingredients.

Moreover, for a creamy match made in heaven, you can dunk these yummy treats in a sour cream and onion dip.

22. Big Mac Quesadillas

These aren’t as crazy as they sound. They are essentially beef quesadillas with cheddar and American cheese and a fantastic special sauce.

Make these instead of ordering takeout and you won’t think of the burger version ever again.


That wraps up our list of the 22 best appetizers for picky eaters. These recipes are sure to make even the fussiest eater beg for more. And that begins the journey to good healthy eating habits. Thanks for reading!

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