10 Best Smart Coffee Makers

Best Smart Coffee Makers
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The best smart coffee makers may now be added to your collection of smart home appliances if you’re running out of ideas.

Smart coffee makers allow you to order coffee from your phone, making them a useful addition for coffee lovers and a fun kitchen device. 

Connect your smartphone to your smart coffee maker, enter your settings (such as temperature, aroma, and strength), and then relax with a cup of coffee.

You may brew coffee as you prefer since many smart coffee makers include touch or button controls and voice control technology. 

You may shout, press, tap, or scroll to obtain your brew on the move. We’ve included a range of the best smart coffee makers in our list below.

1. Hamilton Beach 49350 12-Cup Coffee Maker

With several cutting-edge features, the Hamilton Beach 49350 12-cup coffee maker is a smart device.

Amazon Alexa is supported with this coffee machine, allowing simple voice control through the Alexa app or smart speaker. 

It features a built-in clock that syncs with a mobile app to keep up to date, and users may plan to brew. You may remotely turn on or off this coffee maker through the app.

However, initially configuring Alexa might be challenging. Its front-filling design allows it to fill the reservoir with water without turning the coffee maker.

A high-quality brewing basket supports excellent extraction with a standard filter, which conveniently pops out the front for easy cleaning. 

After two hours of inactivity, this coffee maker’s automatic shutoff feature switches off the heating plate.

This machine allows for taste customization and offers regular and bold brew strength options. This is one of the best smart coffee makers.

2. Goat Story GINA Coffee Maker

The smart coffee maker from Goat Story with GINA will suit the bill if you aim for an edgy, minimalist coffee shop aesthetic. With this stylish kitchen appliance, you have three brewing options. 

They are the traditional pour-over method, an immersion-style approach for a stronger flavor, and the cold drip method if you’ve got some downtime. 

For the latter, a smooth, liqueur-like beverage is produced by allowing water to drip gently over ground coffee beans for an extended period.

This should be a great coffee toy to explore if you want to increase your barista skills. The built-in scale is the most practical feature.

Without the hassle of locating additional equipment, measure your coffee and examine the statistics on the app.

To help you perfect your technique, the app also provides tutorials and useful recommendations.

3. Cafe Specialty Drip C7CDABS3RD3 10-Cup Coffee Maker

The Cafe Specialty Drip C7CDABS3RD3 10-cup coffee machine produces coffee of barista grade and has been awarded gold certification by the SCA for exceptional extraction and quick brewing.

It features a timer that may be adjusted and is 24-hour programmable for convenience. 

This device’s Wi-Fi capabilities make it simple for users to modify settings. Gold, Light, Medium, and Bold settings permit altering brew strength.

However, this system’s water reservoir cannot be removed, making filling and cleaning more difficult.

A precise temperature control system allows for optimal extraction, producing coffee with exceptional taste.

For simple use, the machine incorporates voice-to-brew controls. A 10-cup container makes it possible to make coffee for several people. 

Amazingly, this thermal carafe can keep the coffee warm for many hours. The coffee maker has simple manual controls for quickly changing the brewing settings. 

This machine brews the coffee at temperatures ranging from 185° to 205°F because of a drip brewing system. This is undoubtedly one of the best smart coffee makers.

4. Behmor Connected

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most complete and best coffee makers available. You may use the smartphone app that is included and is compatible with Amazon Alexa to order your morning cup of coffee.

It has a stainless carafe that keeps the freshly made coffee warm for long periods. The app’s feature allows you to set up various profiles so you may make a different kind of coffee for each family member.

If the smartphone app isn’t for you, you may brew a fast coffee using the device’s quick-start button. 

For best performance, the company advises a water temperature between 195°F and 205°F.

It’s also important to note that this is one of the best smart coffee makers in the world to get the Specialty Coffee Association’s seal of approval. 

The coffee maker will automatically order beans or ground coffee anytime you run low if Amazon Dash is configured, automating the whole process.

5. Atomi AT1536 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Families will like the Atomi AT1536 12-cup coffee maker since it has an extra-large glass carafe.

Due to its integrated Wi-Fi connection, this device may be easily integrated with smart home systems. It may be operated and monitored wirelessly easily using the Atomi Smart app. 

Users may create daily and weekly brewing schedules with this device, which also sends push alerts and loud alarms to the machines to notify users when brewing is complete. However, this device only has a very limited capacity for warming coffee.

Contemporary, modern, and traditional kitchen color schemes complement a sleek, polished design with a stainless steel finish.

This machine has settings ranging from 2 to 12 cups and allows users to choose the size. Using a brew strength selector, coffee may be adjusted between regular and strong strength.

This coffee maker has a pause-and-serve function that lets customers pause the brewing process while serving. For voice control, this system also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

6. Breville-Nespresso Coffee Maker

Although Breville-Nespresso may not be one of the best smart coffee makers, it can do most tasks.

The first smart feature is Bluetooth technology, which connects to your smartphone through the Nespresso App and includes simple LED indications. 

You may purchase capsules for the brewer, plan your next morning’s coffee, customize your coffee settings, and even manage your espresso machine’s maintenance through the app.

With this coffee maker, you can make Ristrettos, Espressos, Lungos, and even Americanos (.84 oz. coffee and 4.2 oz. hot water).

You may pour over ice to make your favorite iced coffee and latte beverages. It also has a very interesting contemporary look.

7. Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart 12-Cup Coffee Maker

This 12-cup Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart coffee machine can brew coffee without leaving behind messy filters when using K-Cup pods or other coffee capsules.

It uniformly saturates the coffee using multi-stream technology, releasing appealing aromas. 

This device provides long-lasting durability and facilitates simple washing thanks to its metal structure and black stainless steel finish.

It offers five distinct choices for adjusting coffee strength. However, this device struggles to operate without a Wi-Fi connection.

A flexible brewing system may accommodate different brewing sizes, including 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces.

Users may have a steady supply of K-Cups with this device’s intelligent auto-delivery platform, which talks with the supplier to replenish. 

It connects with the Keurig app to provide scheduling and remote control. This device also supports various voice control services for simple voice operation. 

This machine’s 78-oz reservoir can be easily cleaned and refilled thanks to its detachable design. This is one of the best smart coffee makers.

8. EzPro BrewGenie

Due to its ability to brew coffee straight from a smartphone app, this is one of the most flexible and best smart coffee makers.

The build quality is not the best, but considering that you’re getting a good smart coffee maker, that’s not much of a compromise. 

When the amount of beans or ground coffee in the BrewGenie is becoming low, you may get alerts.

The fact that the pot won’t heat up if there isn’t enough water in the appliance is one safety aspect enjoyed by people.

This prevents the coffee from being too hot. Up to 8 cups of coffee may be made in the provided carafe, which is plenty.

The app will remind you to prepare the night before you want to brew. This enables you to make coffee from your phone while still in bed in the morning. 

The app includes several additional features to assist you in keeping the coffee warm at all times.

9. Korex AX-WF188 12-Cup Coffee Maker

The 12-cup Korex AX-WF188 coffee maker has a smart interface that makes control simple. Users of this gadget may adjust settings using iOS or Android mobile devices thanks to the Smart Life app. 

The machine makes drinks for families and smaller groups and comes with a large 12-cup glass carafe.

Its sleek form and silver-gray finish will go well with kitchen décor. However, when it’s not in use, the clock on this gadget turns off.

This coffee maker offers an on-device control screen for simple setting changes and supports voice commands. A washable, reusable filter supports ground coffee during brewing. 

A measuring spoon for ground coffee is also included with the coffee maker, and its reinforced base provides durability and facilitates simple cleaning. 

Fast boiling is possible with a 900W heating element with overheating prevention for safety. This device’s energy-saving design puts it in standby mode when not used.

10. Miele MilkPerfection CM 6160 Coffee Maker

The Miele MilkPerfection CM 6160 coffee maker has a wonderful appearance that fits perfectly with a broad range of design themes thanks to its charming lotus white finish.

It includes a strong 1450W heating element that quickly and uniformly warms the water to make delicious espresso. 

This machine includes a flexible brewing technique that will work for many different types of coffee lovers.

This device allows coffee bean brewing and has a built-in grinder. This model, however, sometimes gets stuck during the cleaning procedure.

Making various drinks is possible with a one-touch method without fumbling with complicated settings.

It operates silently so as not to disrupt kitchen conversations. Descaling and cleaning tablets are included with this coffee maker for simple maintenance. 

A simple method to customize and use is WiFiConnect. To improve the atmosphere in the kitchen, this device incorporates LED lights. 

This device supports simple cleaning with a detachable, dishwasher-safe drip tray, a water tank, and a leftover container. This is undoubtedly among the best smart coffee makers.

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